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Steemit Defense League Update


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What is the Steemit Defense League

The Steemit Defense League is a group of accounts run by the spammer & plagiarist @camillesteemer (aka @mybestnews). Initially, she was flagged for spamming by @abusereports and started to make accounts using the Steemit faucet account creation to flag anyone supporting or commented on an @abusereports post.

Initially, the Steemit Defense League was just the @trollshunter and then @a-steemdefleague used to flag endlessly. In a short time, it grew from 2 flagging accounts to 15 accounts all using the default 15 SP given by the Steemit faucet. Today it is 132 accounts all attempting to abuse the Steemit Inc sign-up process and default delegation.

Delegation removal

Thanks to the redeemer-irredeemables project, I have been able to get all their account's delegation removed reducing their Steem Power to 0.100 Steem, drastically reducing his flagging power as well as his available bandwidth on the network.

I have been gathering accounts of the Steemit Defense League and submitting them on a weekly basis for removal. For a while, there were one to five new accounts on a daily basis. In the last week, there have been no new accounts identified.

Gith Hub Repository

Steemit Defense League Network

a-alphasteem0.0000 VESTS
a-cmsidl0.0000 VESTS
alandirlo0.0000 VESTS
aloader0.0000 VESTS
altrei0.0000 VESTS
astalavasti0.0000 VESTS
a-steemdefleague0.0000 VESTS
astipmonkey0.0000 VESTS
atartouine0.0000 VESTS
azobifly0.0000 VESTS
baissetonfroc0.0000 VESTS
beinprofre0.0000 VESTS
besttopsteemer0.0000 VESTS
bestwebmaster0.0000 VESTS
biendanstoncul0.0000 VESTS
bitosanusos0.0000 VESTS
bitosuni0.0000 VESTS
blablacarcar0.0000 VESTS
botabuserreport0.0000 VESTS
botabuserreports0.0000 VESTS
botmaxu7450.0000 VESTS
calipsuy0.0000 VESTS
callunabot0.0000 VESTS
camillesteemer0.0000 VESTS
carolusmagnus0.0000 VESTS
casido0.0000 VESTS
charlesbiters0.0000 VESTS
charlesdeherstal0.0000 VESTS
christisthebest0.0000 VESTS
churchillfan0.0000 VESTS
cleversteem0.0000 VESTS
coolanalp0.0000 VESTS
cosmosteemer0.0000 VESTS
crackboom0.0000 VESTS
crigmarlo0.0000 VESTS
cyberdroid0.0000 VESTS
danstoncul0.0000 VESTS
dernu0.0000 VESTS
dertluc0.0000 VESTS
derty0.0000 VESTS
dervuptli0.0000 VESTS
donaldducky0.0000 VESTS
encoremoi0.0000 VESTS
estellereuh0.0000 VESTS
fertipo0.0000 VESTS
fertuis0.0000 VESTS
fionmaxi0.0000 VESTS
fionsamerica0.0000 VESTS
fongopot0.0000 VESTS
foodstreem0.0000 VESTS
friendtoppriest0.0000 VESTS
fushcarbon0.0000 VESTS
geradunlo0.0000 VESTS
gladiatorwork0.0000 VESTS
goidt0.0000 VESTS
hellotomyfans0.0000 VESTS
hilonrima0.0000 VESTS
hilteen0.0000 VESTS
houla0.0000 VESTS
huehen0.0000 VESTS
icebergbitos0.0000 VESTS
ilikesteemit0.0000 VESTS
jeanmaloro0.0000 VESTS
jeanmarlo0.0000 VESTS
jetenculeprofond0.0000 VESTS
jilophu0.0000 VESTS
johnblackfield0.0000 VESTS
johnrevelator0.0000 VESTS
jupitersaturn0.0000 VESTS
jupitor210.0000 VESTS
kipotusong0.0000 VESTS
kissmylips0.0000 VESTS
lopusazuli0.0000 VESTS
maciku0.0000 VESTS
magasintop10.0000 VESTS
manlymail0.0000 VESTS
marcfrelon20.0000 VESTS
marystone0.0000 VESTS
mattdylan0.0000 VESTS
maxitov0.0000 VESTS
moulisa0.0000 VESTS
mybestnews0.0000 VESTS
nice-steemer0.0000 VESTS
niquetarace0.0000 VESTS
numerusclosus0.0000 VESTS
oiepassive0.0000 VESTS
panppeter0.0000 VESTS
pequenacapa0.0000 VESTS
petitzob0.0000 VESTS
poritoza0.0000 VESTS
poustackiev0.0000 VESTS
pusatutchu0.0000 VESTS
qsedtylo0.0000 VESTS
retiredworld0.0000 VESTS
sadez0.0000 VESTS
scalphead0.0000 VESTS
sesamcrs0.0000 VESTS
stb1380.0000 VESTS
steembotalpha0.0000 VESTS
steemcontractor0.0000 VESTS
steemcorrect0.0000 VESTS
steemitfamily0.0000 VESTS
steemittopfan0.0000 VESTS
steempioneer0.0000 VESTS
steempohu0.0000 VESTS
steempolki0.0000 VESTS
steemprovider0.0000 VESTS
steemtopblogger0.0000 VESTS
steemtwitting0.0000 VESTS
stormstblogger0.0000 VESTS
strumo0.0000 VESTS
sucemabite0.0000 VESTS
superfipo0.0000 VESTS
superlove0.0000 VESTS
tinant0.0000 VESTS
topfongo10.0000 VESTS
topfrsteemer0.0000 VESTS
topmaxsteem0.0000 VESTS
toronsteem0.0000 VESTS
torontocul0.0000 VESTS
treedain0.0000 VESTS
trollshunter0.0000 VESTS
trucmipo0.0000 VESTS
trucmuche0.0000 VESTS
usertelor0.0000 VESTS
velomasty0.0000 VESTS
vladimirtopiev0.0000 VESTS
worldsteemian0.0000 VESTS
ytcomcenter20.0000 VESTS
zartyo0.0000 VESTS
zorralarousse0.0000 VESTS
zorrolopiu0.0000 VESTS

Global Blacklist API

I previously announced the Global Blacklist API that is free to use by Steem projects and services. The API exposed blacklists from the following community blacklist projects:


If you find any other accounts in the Steemit Defense League attempting to use Steemit Inc delegation to mass flag users, please contact me on, Discord, or reply to this post. I will see to it that their delegation is removed.

If you find any other accounts abusing Steemit Inc delegation, feel free to contact me and I will have a look. I have had delegation removed from multiple faucet abuse rings nearing 200 accounts each.

If you identify spam, plagiarism, or scams please contact me on my Discord server in the #abuse channel.

Vote for @themarkymark as Witness

If you want to see more antispam and anti-abuse initiatives please consider voting @themarkymark as witness to support these projects.


Thank you @guiltyparties and @iamstan for assistance in identifying new accounts as they pop up.


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