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Some suggestions for Steempeak


5 months agoBusy6 min read


I am a big fan of Steempeak, in fact, I was one of the earlier ones to mention it.

If you are not using it or haven't checked it out, I highly recommend you do. Just go to and use keychain or Steem Connect.

I had a few suggestions that would be really cool to get implemented.

Global Blacklist API Integration

This is something I suggested a while ago and I think it would be a really good fit for Steempeak.

Right now you can use my Blacklist Notifier Extension to be notified when a user is on a blacklist across most of the known front ends (it even works with Steempeak).


Having it built-in would be awesome and would give everyone the benefit (if they turned the feature on) without needing to run the plug-in.

Downvote STU display

Right now when you hover over votes you can see what percentage everyone voted and how much STU they are worth.

If you hover over the downvotes, you can't tell how much the downvotes are.

Downvote estimate

When you vote, you can see how much your vote will be worth. (I don't believe it factors in the curve but it gives you a rough idea.)

When you do the same with a downvote, you cannot tell how much your downvote will be worth.

Unhide downvotes

If downvotes are going to be normalized hiding the downvote button isn't going to help encourage that. To do a downvote now you have to click the ... button and then click downvote.

Filter Claims Rewards

There are a lot of filters in the wallet, but one that doesn't exist is filtering "claim rewards". These are pretty spammy and typically for low amounts. I would love to see a checkbox to filter claim rewards transactions.

Sticky wallet filter

I would also like to see the wallet filters sticky if I check filter 0.001 transactions and leave and come back, it should still be checked. I think having "operations" reset but filters sticky would be ideal UX.

Proposal Balance

I would like to see the current balance of the @steem.dao account shown in this display.

I think it would also be cool to show a warning if the active projects will burn through the funding at some point based on current expenses.

Show Funded Proposals

Right now you have upcoming and started proposals, but neither of these reflects proposals actually getting funding. I think using another term instead of active like pending or awaiting approval instead of active. Active makes you feel like they are actually being funded, but most are not.

I believe there should be three states.

  • Proposals that haven't reached their start date
  • Proposals that have reached their start date
  • Proposals that have received enough votes to be funded (this can be further broken down to active/upcoming)

SP on Upcoming Proposals

Would be nice to see how much support upcoming proposals have. Right now any proposal that hasn't hit the start date will show 0 SP.

Hide Proposals

This is a big one for me in terms of proposals, if I know I will never support a proposal, I want to be able to click hide and remove it from the list. This should be persisted between refreshes and leaving and coming back. A tab can be added for "Hidden" to go back and change my mind.

Border around active proposals

There is a green line below the refund proposal and a notice that anything above this is receiving funding.

I'd would suggest going further and putting a noticeable border around the active ones and maybe even an icon.

I think something similar to how tribes show their promoted posts would be subtle but effective.

Dropdown recent posts for proposals

When creating a proposal it is expected you have created a post to discuss your proposal. It would be nice small touch to have a drop down will your recent posts to select from.

So instead of only typing it in, having a dropdown that you can just select your post.

This one isn't the top of my list, would be nice but not sure how many people write their proposal post longer than 7 days before making the proposal so I am not sure how usable it would be in reality.

Hide Tribes Visibility.

I think there should be a button here to turn off a tribe so they don't show up in the Tribes menu. Or even just have a "Favorite Tribes" you have to add Tribes by selecting them. The vast majority of people won't use the vast majority of Tribes but they take up the most valuable real estate.

There are some Tribes I will never use as they are not my niche's but they take up valuable real estate in the left-hand menu. Being able to select which ones you care about under the Tribes pane would be awesome.

Tribe Info

I'd also like to see more information about Tribes in that Tribes pane.

You can work in some basic details here like

  • Author / Curation Percentage
  • % Proof of Brain, % Proof of Mining, % Proof of State, % Beneficiaries
  • Downvotes enabled/disabled
  • Tokens produced /year

Maybe even a button you can click that gives more details so you can understand a little about the Tribe. All this information is easily accessible from the API.

Tribe Promotion Blue Border

I love that you pick up "Promoted" from the Tribes and I like the icon you have for it. I would go back to my earlier suggestion and suggest using a border as Nitrous does. It does a good job at making these posts stand out but does not clutter your UI. It may not work as well in this situation because your "boxes" are very tall vertically and the effect won't be the same, but something that pops would be nice. The icon is good but it doesn't stand out as much when skimming.

Display upvote and downvote power always

Right now this section is almost always displayed even when reading a post.

It would be nice to have some visual indicator of your current voting power (upvote & downvote ideally) so you can always see where you are at without flipping around pages/tabs.

I can go on, but these are what I feel are the best ideas.


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