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Did Drug Wars just kill the best thing going for them?


4 months agoBusy2 min read


Did Drug Wars kill off their best feature?

I think they did.

What feature are you talking about?

The new release of Drug Wars allows you to change your username and profile image once per month.

To me, I see this as a big mistake. One of the biggest things Drug Wars had going for it is the sense of community. When you got attacked a lot of the times you knew who it was, and when you attacked others the same. This created a very unique bond not found in many games and it also created a lot of drama.

By allowing users to change their username and hide, it removes all sense of community from the game.

Most users are likely going to opt to change their name and hide making the game mundane and boring, a problem it already suffers from.

One of the greatest things about Steem based games is the community and engagement. This change throws that all away.

The game already suffers from going bankrupt in just the short period of time it has been around.

It is no secret the game is going bankrupt.

Early days prize pool

Today's prize pool

In fact, the only reason it is still running is due to a handful of users who put in massive contributions.

What do you think? Is this change good?


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