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Announcing New Public Full Node


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State of public full nodes blows

The current state of non-Steemit Inc nodes is discouraging. More full nodes have come down and I have word another will be coming down soon. I have been debating about making a full node public for a long time now, my timing couldn't be any worse it seems. is now a limited node

Certain APIs have been removed from and certain queries do not return complete results. The future of Steemit Inc public nodes is in question, and with the current situation even more so.

The more decentralized and independent we can become, the better for the future of Steem.


My full node runs all plugins and is publicly available. As you can see above there are not a lot of public full nodes available and as you can see below there are not many that are actually usable.

If we remain dependent on Steemit Inc's nodes we will be sadly disappointed when and if the time comes they decide to pull the plug on them or drastically reduce their scaling. A lot of people have talked about setting up full nodes but it hasn't happened. With the price situation, the problem will likely get worse.


While there are things I could do to get more performance out of the node at increased costs, performance is outstanding.

NodeParallel Thread Sprint TestSingle Threaded Test
api.steemit.com2.83s 4096/4096 Blocks/sec 144800:09.188905
anyx.io7.44s 3905/4096 Blocks/sec: 52400:09.544180
appbasetest.timcliff.com2m11.47s 132/4096 Blocks/sec: 104:09.431905
steemd.minnowsupportproject.org13.40s 4019/4096 Blocks/sec: 299DNF
steemd.privex.io1m11.84s 69/4096 Blocks/sec: 0DNF
rpc.steemviz.com32.53s 636/4096 Blocks/sec: 1900:47.118872
rpc.curiesteem.com1m35.000s 0/4096 Blocks/sec: 0DNF
rpc.usesteem.com9.148s 4096/4096 Blocks/sec: 45100:34.320962

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you

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