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Child Sexual Exploitation and Money Laundering in Seychelles: A Haven For Dirty Money


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I've been working with Delete Tha Elite and AN0N H1V3 on this investigation for the last 3 days. It is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that you DO NOT GO TO THE SITES LISTED to see if they are down, you could be incriminating yourself, although many have been taken offline temporarily through DDOS and reporting, it is still possible that they pop back up. I want to share with you some very important information regarding the Child Porn Ring in Seychelles, but it is important that you see the information posted about this case on this previous post and also on twitter

#Seychelles: History of Money Laundering and Shadowy Haven for Dirty Money

Where is Seychelles? Seychelles is a Soveriegn State off the coast of Africa. It is composed of 115 islands and has one of the smallest populations in the African region. Seychelles has a very new country and its government has been mentioned in the media to have endured many political scandals, most notably the Bettencourt Affair with L'Oreal Heiress Liliane Betterncourt and François-Marie Banier using an island they purchased in Seychelles as a sort of Swiss Bank Account to not pay taxes, and also the many other major shadowy offshore deals and scandals that give the Seychellois islands the title of a "Haven for Dirty Money"

#Gaetanne Sharon Antat
Gaetanne Antat is the registered owner of the sites we have discovered advertising little girls, but also there are financial and special interest companies where she is/was holding the title of director/officer.

These companies have also changed hands with another Seychelles citizen, Molly Rita Roselie and are companies filed in London addresses, no doubt, to run offshore business transactions and/or launder money through Seychelles.

Molly Rita Roselie

#They Are Selling Child Porn & Child Prostitution Services Online

This is a massive operation that includes, but is not limited to, London, Russia, Africa and USA, and its base of operations is out of Seychelles. Some Key points I want to address are how these sites operate using keywords, modeling agencies, and Facebook to advertise and purchase young girls, what politicians and powerful players may be involved, and also what the people of Seychelles know about this ring.

  • Here are some of the Code Words for advertising little girls mentioned in one of the site stats, Some of these we know, but others like Tyflas, Papaka, Pinderloy and FreshPetals are ones I have never seen before, seen here

  • TYFLAS is the The Young Foot Lovers Adoration Society...a password protected site for videos and images of children's feet and legs aged 12 and under. WTF?

  • Also notice the use of the words Model/Young Models in the titles of some of these companies like Gala Model and Young Models both run by Gaetanne Antat.

Ahmed Afif

Facebook Image of Afif "Liking" Little Girl in Bathing Suit

Images of Gaetanne's Little Girl Posing like a Model and Featured in her PUBLIC Profile Pictures on Facebook:




Catholic Church Diocese Pastor, Pere Collin Underwood

Gaetanne is also friends on Facebook with Pere Collin Underwood, who is part of the Catholic Church of Seychelles Diocese of Port Victoria

Here is Pere pictured with the Pope...


Talk in the Community and History of Crimes by Gaetanne Antat

  • There is also something concerning I found on a comment thread between two or three anonymous Seychellois concerning some shameful thing that Gaetanne had done and that the father of her child may be her former lawyer. Source.

  • It seems the racket and business fronts have been going on for some time, there is an article posted in 2002 talking about Gaetanne Antat running ponzi schemes, offshore money laundering operations, and also using businesses and websites as fronts for child sexual exploitation websites and services.

  • One in particular was Stoic Capital Management that even back then, Anonymous were the ones most likely hacking and attacking her websites!!!


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