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The Hive

Howdy folks'.

Keep on keeping on. The alternative provides nothing at all. There is only the time we have now and what we do with it. Doing nothing is not an option. The something I am doing is growing that is for sure.

The end goal or reason I would like the growth and everything that may come with it. Is simple, I want to do more for the next generations than we are preparing to do right now.
The real benefits to this project are seen by those at a future time. Our children their children and grandchildren all gain and each generation more than the previous. Unlike the way things are now, with each generation having to pay more for what their peer's built.

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Speaking of building, there might be quite a few out there now looking at the platform and thinking something like.

Is it really worth it?
Trying to be clever, I ask "Is what worth it?"
Steem posting on Steemit is it really worth it?

The question itself is what leaves to the wonder is it worth it, The answer is, The reasons why you are here is what brings the value back from what you do.

With Steemit being a social platform used for various reason by too many to mention communities. The first thing Steem does give you, exposure. If you are posting or curating it gives you exposure. Each entry into the chain gives you exposure. Each post or comment even more.

If you are here to share your opinion, like me. Then with each post you do just that. Now, if somebody is going to read what you write. That is a whole other story. When someone does find you that will read your publication. Then you need to retain them. Your content does matter then. You need to keep publishing what your viewer likes to read. Easy for the first few month maybe, After that do you need new ideas. Everything depends on so many aspects.

A cooking post once a week could easily be done. A daily one might be a bit ambitious after six month's of making cooking posts. A daily one for a week is ambitious for me. I have done it in the past a couple of times though.

Musical posts. Might be a bit rarer as the time to produce and record the music along with edit and upload would consume more time and a daily post might not be an option in many cases.

Photography. Maybe not the same as music. Unless off course they take the time to edit the photo. To me that would be enhancement. revealing detail in the picture more than just the adjustment of colour or cropping and dropping.

Each will work in their own way doing their own thing. Similarities may be seen between each of them and maybe them all. They will all hold something distinct from all of the others too though.

It doesn't matter which group you belong to or do not belong to, Or you could be like me and be the exile. If you keep going and find and take advantage of opportunities you will grow.

Maybe I should do a post a beginners guide to growing in your powered up asset in Steemit. At the pace things change, not long before it gets outdated. Still the writing helps me think things through, or typing helps. Sometimes it hinders too. But, I can read my typing better then my writing if I try write fast compared to type fast.

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There are some friend I have made along the way. Other's I met that we oth gained from working with each other. There are many things I do and have done to grow the stake powered up. each time I see a way to grow a little I take advantage of it. Each new thing on the Stem chain, done through the Steemit front end or any other option including those which are not blogging can help your account grow.

There is not just one way to grow your account. I have foud the use of many is needed and over time some go away and you have to find new ones, That is were I am right now, Searching for new ways to grow and begin to provide to others too. Yes I do vote to others. The amount the vote is worth though, it is not something to brag about, On reflection on that last sentence. Maybe bragging is something which should be done less the more you can do.

Each new micro Steem you get adds to what you have and you will grow. Initial growth when starting can seem like it will take forever. Even at my level it seems like there is no chance to get anywhere. When I was at 100 Steem power I thought the same thing about getting to 500 or 1000. Almost there now to the 1000. less than 150 to go. Hopefully we can breach the 1000 by the end of the month. We will break the 900 mark.

Given enough time you could take a mountain away with just a pic-axe. Oooh. That reminds me of a joke.
How do you confuse a Paddy?
Show him 3 shovels and tell him to take his pick. (pic)
You might need to change the point and the handle a few times but you could do it, given enough time. Here I am on the other side trying to build a mountain. One stone at a time. I wonder how big it has to build before it can be seen from the distance.

I will light a bonfire at the top once the mountain gets built. Any Idea's on the design for building a mountain? maybe I should get a mountain and then just build on that. Maybe a plot of land somewhere else too in a nice climate. and ship the mountain over there. I wonder how much it would cost to buy Mount Everest.

Keep on, Keeping On.

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