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The Hive

Howdy folks'.

There is a simple mathematical equation. W = G+R / I over T ± R / T X R over T±I.

I have no bloody clue what it means.
I also have very little knowledge of what is coming forward in this post. With many thoughts in many directions bussing around inside my head it is hard to focus on just one right now. Trying to get them all to line up in order and behave like well trained soldiers. Thoughts in their infancy do not organise like that so well.

So in this post I am going to just write the thought that comes to ind as it does. An infancy ramble to try help organise my thoughts.

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I don't think it is any secret that I see the Steem chain,basically the same as the systems that work in our daily life outside of the digital tokens. The same systems are being employed. The choices you have and will have are limited and directed by a few at the top.

Proof of stake does not work in anyway for the release of control over the financial enslavement of the planet. It works in the opposite manner. Those who can gain control over a higher level of finance make your choices. You, or the majority of people do not actually have a choice. Options are given to you at best. A choice between two, that both give benefit to another. Any benefit to the majority is dwarfed by the benefits to those providing the options.

A constant drain on the majority is in place by those of a minority that hold a majority stake. This drain happens in two forms. The first most obvious is the increase of reward for those who hold high stake. With the value of the reward determined by how much Steem you hold on two separate levels. The % of the reward pool your stake is. Additionally a reduction in that value is now imposed by the voting system. Reducing the value to any vote given with a Powered Up stake lower than 10,000.

This makes it a greater challenge for new comers to the platform to reach that amount of Steem. Giving an advantage to those already over the 10.000 to claim more rewards at a faster pace than those below. A simple case of the rich get richer.

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Time will come when the stake we see powered up now becomes microscopic to what will be. This will happen when an advantage to using the platform is seen by a financial pocket that wishes to use it. The same as is now. Just with deeper pockets. When this happens those in power now will stress and want the support of the communities. The same communities they will seek that tiny amount of support from to accumulate the strength of their voice. This will be sought from all of those communities and accounts that right now do get no support.

We have been here since the start. We have done this done that helped here there and all their achievements. These will all be brought to highlight. How many of those are of actual benefit to any of the average folk that are here now. Those who are there now in power, really seem to fear an investment into the Steem Chain. Any decent investment would reduce their ability to make choices. Especially now at today's prices.

Unless it is them who bring in the investor and contain control over a majority asset. There will be a loss to their income. This they do not want an will not work toward something which does this.

This is the reason why Steem Engine right now is being pushed so hard and why SMT's are favoured. By the use of those tokens in rewards at a % of the Steem value. People will not earn Steem but that token. This leaves a greater reward for those with the high powered up stake. The advantage to gain a greater % is what pushes those at the top right now. Any decision I have seen made has benefited the same group continuously, while restricting those below.

A revolution of the cogs will turn and a new power will emerge. There is only one way to prevent this from happening and that is creating a Steem Entity which has solely the success and benefits of the platform as its function.

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I tried an experiment of sorts. I have thrown my ideas out there on the platform since I came to the Steemit platform. I have gained a continued support from a few. The amount of people who share support has grown a bit too. The amount of people who understand the concept I put out has also grown. Overall, it is a positive result from the time i spent here. To me it is worth it. The financial benefit to date is not worth it.
I made a choice to delegate 1,000 Steem. Using the same concept I have put out there many times with different words. I said I would delegate 1,000 Steem to begin a support project that in time can provide for others without the need for external support. The group took advantage of the offer. Dayum right they should too. I think it would be silly not to. The concept being the same as the one I have said all along only on a smaller scale, gained more support than my initial 1.000 and is now 3 times as strong.

While I buzz that my concept is being used for growth and also gained additional support from other members of the platform with delegations. I am lost to the difference to why when I say something it is not seen and when another repeats it. It gains volume.

Maybe I think too big,
for the other minds here in Steem chain
and the vision I see it could be.
Sooner before later.

This is not the only instance. I have typed out, spoken on the air about this concept. I typed in a DM the same concept. Which got repeated by another on the Pal Server radio. It gained a positive reception then. Why are the things I say not heard until someone you already like speaks them? Either way, the positive side is that others can see the benefits behind my concept and ideas to keep moving forward. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It's just is that light daylight or a burning pit of fire.

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Why do people not action what they say. Over and over I hear "interest of the Steem chain" being used as a reason to do something. The statement, "This will be good for the chain" seems to pacify any questioning. Is this because of who answered and a fear of upset?

Do I just think too big for the Steem chain? Are the things I see possible to do, that far beyond your imagination? The world is full of if's and but's. The worst if's are the If only we had back then.

If we had back then began this project. That time I wrote the post you read but did not see the personal gain the concept offers to you. That time I spoke to you in your DM and you agreed on the concept and then went away. There has been many opportunity to begin this project. I wonder how much Steem would be wanted now. Each week a new request for Steem which gets powered up.

Just maybe the price of Steem would be rising each month in value by a Micro penny. This new demand for Steem that we would have created from the Steem chain itself. Would keep returning a demand for Steem at regular intervals, (eventually weekly).

The two biggest obstacles to a project like this one are Laziness and Greed. I do not see this requiring much effort on your part. The lack of initial returns while the project begins seems to be the biggest obstacle. The long terms returns along with asset growth benefits exceed the investment amount and continue to offer returns after delegation or a full remuneration of investment has been received.

The type of investment asset, bond, token, ico, charity, delegation or capital investment are all options for investment into this project. It is not limited to investment by Steem. All rewards and benefits would be performed within the Steem Chain. The investment of alt currency would be exchanged to Steem and that Steem % value be given to the investment. Truly to be about assisting people is the ambition behind the concept. Why not begin that way and give a quantity of ways to invest.

One other thing that is often missed with investment is time. Time invested is often forgotten. If you have any time you can offer to this project. We appreciate all the help we can get. Delegation donation or writing a post under one of the Steemit projects we have going. Those are the three main ways I see assistance can be given. Alternatively, any way you see yourself being able to help is great too, probably even better.

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It is like we are in a race. One that might be familiar, though an extra character has been added here, us. Three animals in a race. The Hare. The Tortoise and the snail. I have no clue who the Hare and Tortoise are. The snail would be us. So far the hare is miles ahead of the tortoise and the tortoise is miles of the snail (us). We want to catch up to the hare.

Without using some initiative we will never do that. We should not be spending our time snailing along. We need to build something that will get us there a little bit faster. Then we need to advance on what we gain. We need to do this repeatedly with many things. Big or small it does not matter. Working together and growing together is what will make the whole community stronger in the long term.

Every positive aspect I have heard for the Steem chain, Steem Eco system, The retention of members to the platform and the value increase of Steem. They are all here in this project.

Building bridges is what we need to be doing.
Just like all roads lead to Rome.
Let's build all bridges to lead to Steem.

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