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TRENDO [TRDO] Enabled STAKING Rewards - TGA Info


6 months agoSteemit
Dear All Steemians,
We are happy to announce that "Staking reward distribution for TRENDO TOKEN [TRDO] is successfully added."

How TRDO Staking Rewards Distribution Works?

  • Daily Maximum Reward Pool : 3,000 TRDO
  • Reward Pool Distribution Happens : Daily (We will upgrade this to hourly with our next upgrade)
  • Fixed Reward Pool : Yes (This also upgrade to Random Reward Pool with our upcoming changes)
  • Stake Rewards Are Adding To : Liquidity Wallet

How to Stake TRDO?

What Will Come Next?

  • We will introduce you Advanced Staking Features with our next update.
  • Proof of Delegation [PoD] will be added soon.
  • We will stop manual Air Drop and add Other tokens' Stake based Air Drop with our latest Air drop tool as well.

  • theguruasia at STEEMIT.COM
    theguruasia at PALNET.IO
    theguruasia at NEOXIAN.CITY


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