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Steem Monsters - how it works?

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What is Steem Monsters?

Steem Monsters is a card game that is built on Steem blockchain. Have you ever heard about Pokemon Card games or the world of warcraft characters which are collectible cards So Steem Monsters are the typical cards that are built on the top of this amazing blockchain.


More about the game, it is a digital collectible card, which can be played in a multiplayer version, and it is powered by blockchain technology. There are many different cards and each of them is unique and they have its own value, so there are many unique tokens that you can be the owner of it by collecting the rarest ones. In the other manner, you can register this unique token or asset in your own account. Afterwards, you can use it to trade, sell or buy the card on the Monster Market Exchange. Most importantly there are battles where you can do a digital fight, to control a chaotic world at the war alongside the Splinters. Which you need to reunite the Splinters against Greater enemy, so that saver can be you. You can get ready for the tournaments with your own monsters, so you can build your best team and find the glory from the battlegrounds and be on the top of the leaderboard.

Why Steem Monsters?

Steem Monsters is a fun game, people collect cards just for fun. Some others collect because they want to win in the battles, while there are people that make money out of it by trading the cards, selling them. And there are people that use cards to make different giveaways. So you make your choice, you can use the cards for different purposes too, this is up to you. There are plenty of reasons why you can start collecting cards and become part of this game.


How to get started?

To get started you go to the website of Steem Monsters and you go to this link

Where you can find the packs, which is a starter set and it costs 10$ and you can make a payment through three different options.


Or you can open booster packs or search cards in the market based on their price you can make a decision to buy or not to buy.

Last words

I do believe that this can be fun for some people. to open packs and to wait for some rare monster to came and then sell it more and make a profit out of it. The developers make this kind of games for people to have fun and totally enjoy what they are doing. But also they think about their own pocket, to get money out of the cards. This is a digital card, so people spend money on digital things, which I am not a fan of. But I see very good feedback of people about this game.

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