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0x - how it works?


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What is 0x?

0x is a protocol that is open and allows erc20 tokens to be traded on the blockchain of Ethereum. Nowadays we all know how important the blockchain assets are becoming on the blockchains which are public such as Ethereum. This Protocol is totally free, open source which the developers and businesses can create or build trading tokens inside.


Why 0x?
Because of its main mission. which is to create a tokenized world where all values can flow freely. With its infrastructure for the cryptocurrency world, which enables markets to be created that didn't exist before. So assets became tokenized in this way and as more of them became tokenized the blockchain will create an opportunity for these assets to establish a new financial stack that is a more efficient, equitable and transparent system for its buyers.

The core values of this protocol are:

Doing the right thing at the right time, as reminded that with the adoption of blockchain and increasing assets, tokenization is a must. So people are committed to creating as more assets by using blockchain technologies. So this will help people on their decision making, for different communities and society as a whole.


How to get started?

When you go to the Explore page you will face with this message, so you have to agree and if you want you can connect with your Metamask wallet if you have one.

To trade on 0x you can follow this link

Last words
It's a pleasure to present this project to you because its a really great one. I learned to allot while reading about this project.

Thank State of the DApss !


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