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Investors - Earn up to 49% APR with Delegation Leasing Market (DLM)


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For those of you who are reading about it for the first time, @minnowbooster is a "Swiss Army knife" for Steem newbies with several tools to help them on their journey. The initial tools being the Upvote Bot, where users can pay to summon a bot to upvote their posts with a greater value than what they paid (T&C's apply), and the Delegation Leasing Market which securitises Steem Power in a risk free leasing model that serves a dual role to empower minnows with greater Steem Power and rewards investors with up to 49% annual nett compounded returns.

I will focus on the Delegation Leasing Market and how to make returns on it. By way of testimony, I am currently earning 82.995 Steem per day from delegating just under 65 000 SP across 66 contracts. This means I will earn 32 293 SP in a year just by passively delegating my SP, I can earn more if I compound.

This means that 66 users are leasing my Steem Power for purposes of increasing their esteem in the Steem community and having a better user experience as a result. In the world of fiat currency, lending and leasing are tools the stimulate economies, when banks lend freely, economies thrive.

The @minnowbooster project does just that, Steem economic stimulus and decentralisation of voting power by spreading the utility of Steem Power to the masses. The proverbial "Robin Hood" of Steem Power!

The rich however need incentives to lease out their SP, so that is why there is an APR return which is roughly NETT of 41.6% after considering the 1 week SP cool down and our facilitation fees, if you consider the fact that rewards are paid out daily and if you re-invest to further delegation, you will effectively earn up to 49% APR with the compounding.

Right now we need investors to timeously fill orders and help boost the Steem economy by providing Steem Power liquidity.

Alright but how do I invest?

It's quite easy actually, first go to, here you will see all listed requests ready to be filled.

So what do all of these columns mean?

  • User - That's the person who wants to lease the Steem Power

+Delegation (SP) The amount in SP they want to lease

  • Delegation (VESTS)- The SP amount shown as VESTS, vests are a more accurate representation of SP as shown on the
    blockchain, basically SP x roughly 2100 + VESTS.

  • Weeks - The number of weeks the Lessee wants to lease for, minimum is one week.

  • Payment - The total payment the Lessee will pay and the Lessor (investor) will receive over the entire contract period, paid daily prorata to the investor for the security of the Lessee.

  • NETT APR - The percentage profit the investor / Lessor will earn.

  • Expires At - If the order hasn't been filled by this time, the Lessee will receive their money back and the order cancelled, this is three days from inception.

Let's Get Into it!

As an investor all you have to do is select the contract you wish to fill, note you can sort in order of ascending or descending contract size by clicking the heading.

Here we see an order of the largest contract at the top:

Now click this button:

This will time-lock the button for ten minutes so no-one else using our site can collide with your transaction.

On the next page you will see a summary of the transaction you are about to enter into.

All you need to do here is enter your Steem name you wish to lend Steem Power from and press the button, but please be sure to not delegate all your Steem Power, leave behind at least 10 SP or more.

The next page is just a summary page:

Just hit the button.

The next page requires you to sign in with your Steem name and active key :

You will then see a confirmation screen:

You will also receive a confirmation memo in your Steem wallet and then daily memos along with your daily rewards combined in one daily payment.

Once it is time for the contract to expire, you will receive a memo like the below, the only difference will be the account name of the person you delegated to will be the same as the contract you entered into.

Copy an paste the http part into your browser address bar and press enter.

This will give you a confirmation screen showing that the contract will be set to zero delegation and hence cancel it, if you have multiple delegations to the same user, this value won't be zero but rather redued to the total of remaining active contracts with this user.

Then follow the steps and use your active key again to transmit the instruction to the blockchain.


You now know how to delegate Steem Power to other Steem community members in a safe way, ensuring you always get paid, no need to run around and chase after payment from anyone and you are helping make a difference to many smaller users who don't know what it is like to have the utility of Steem Power to feel more engaged in the community.

Please help us fill as many orders and you can, you too can be Robin Hood and make a profit while helping others gain the utility of Steem Power, not to mention it is a form of advertising of yourself on our "Filled Orders" list as well as to the person you delegated to, who also receives a notification letting them know who their benefactor is.

Personal community lending at its best! Enjoy!

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