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DLive Stream : Recap : Doom 2, ROTS Rework


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Locate the VOD here :

So during this stream I managed to build a new section of Toxin Refinery.

Here you can see this area from another angle where I have player emerge from the darkness into a brighter area.

So the stream ended up getting pretty meme and I have to seriously question if I need to just leave the X tag up on my streams. Ill just have to begin putting an 18+ on all of my stream links. My chat and I tend to get kind of silly especially in the early morning hours. With that said I was able to get the new area in a functional state but at the moment I am not super happy with the last bend. That section seems like it can still get some love to be up to par.

I am definitely not done with this section yet, but I am not really sure what to do with it. It feels like 80% complete but its missing that 20% needed to pass!

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