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China Warns of Sanctions; Is There A Bigger Threat?


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A few days ago there was a lot of commotion over the US selling F-16 Fighter Jets to Taiwan in order to defend themselves. Now, China is striking back warning of placing sanctions on the US and all firms that are selling arms to Taiwan. However, this threat doesn't seem like it can do much of anything to stop the US. Derek Grossman, a senior defense analyst with Rand Corp., said:

"I think the threat of sanctions right now is quite vague. If you recall last month after the U.S. sold $2 billion worth of Abrams tanks to Taiwan, China similarly threatened sanctions, but nothing has really transpired thus far."

Grossman continued, "The firms involved in building the F-16s, they don't do a whole lot of business in China, and so how that is going to impact those companies' bottom lines is to be determined."


While the sanctions might not be a real threat to the US, the alliance between the US and Taiwan is cause for the Chinese to become upset. With the Hong Kong and Taiwan situations the US seems to be putting their nose in more and more. Perhaps a Taiwan invasion as portrayed in I Pet Goat 2 could trigger a war between the two nations, with Hong Kong being the build-up to this event? What are your thoughts? Are you prepared for a possible Chinese threat?

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