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Day 349: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: running in place.


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!¡Hola amigos! Esta es mi entrada para responder al desafío motivador de FreeWrite del desafío diario de @mariannewest.

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My husband, my grandchildren and my daughters have a place in my life and my soul.
Everyone has a special and specific place and everything in my life works properly.
Because they are my engine and my source of energy.
My husband, even with his strong character, is my support and my balance.
My 4 daughters each with their different personality but their love and unconditional support towards me.
My 7 grandchildren are that cool touch of my life, their contagious laughter, their warm hugs and their loving kisses are all I need.
I do not have economic riches but with my family by my side, everything works in its rightful place.


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