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Papa is now a "Golden Boy"!!! Papa's 50th Birthday Preparation and Celebration... <3

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Hello everyone! How's it going?
Yesterday, my father celebrated his 50th birthday together with us and some family friends. It was only a simple celebration, yet very special. My papa @jhunalvarado is now a "Golden Boy"! Well, he will always be young at heart. :D

So, in this post, I would like to share what we did on his special day. I hope you enjoy!

First things first... we went to the church to thank God for all the blessings especially for the gift of life. It's a very important thing for me and my family to offer prayers of thanks for everything that we have and continuously ask for guidance to live life even better.

Papa lit some candles and offered prayers. Of course, I and mama did the same. It has been a family tradition. We don't regularly go to church, but we believe in Him and accept Him in our hearts and lives. We are forever grateful to Him.

After going to church, we went to the mall to go grocery shopping. We plan to prepare something for papa's birthday as we also invited some very close family friends. I wasn't able to take pictures in the mall, but I did took a picture of the stuff we bought.

Despite it being papa's birthday, it was I who received a gift. lol We got another air conditioner for my room because it's really hot these days and I often have migraine attacks because of the heat whenever I conduct my classes. Now, I can be more productive at work. This is another monthly bill, but we can do this together! hihi~

We bought cake for papa from Goldilocks. It's so amusing because Goldilocks usually have yellow boxes for their cakes, but yesterday, they used a gold box. It's as if they knew that papa is celebrating his golden birthday. hihihi

As we arrived home, we had lunch and rested for a bit before we made ourselves busy again for the preparation. We cooked spaghetti and hamonada (home-made ham). Let me show you some pictures of the preparation stage.

Well, I don't do the cooking part, but I enjoy taking part in the preparation stage as well as in the documentation. I really like slicing veggies and spices. At least, there's something I can offer in the kitchen. haha Anyway, let me now show you the food everyone shared last night.

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Aside from the food, we drank some light beer as well. We had a long night full of fun talks and laughters. It's really great to celebrate special occasions with special people. Below is a video of the crazy singing of birthday song, blowing of candles and the hilarious way of slicing a cake. My papa is one crazy man. xD

Everyone in the video are special people! My papa, mama, Arashi, kuya Joseph, Arniel (my best friend) and Maryanne (my fwenship). I really hope my ate Yeye (girl bestie) was with us that night. All of them are my siblings from another parents, but despite that, mama and papa consider them their own as well.

Later that night, papa's close friend also came to celebrate with us. He was late because he was working earlier... well, it's better late than never! (^_^)

All in all, our "Golden Boy" had a blast on his 50th birthday. We love you, papa! Thank you for everything... you being always there with us through thick and thin makes our life's journey worthwhile. Cheers to more years of joy and happiness with family and friends.

I really love my family and of course my friends who I consider as part of my family. I am really happy to have them in my life. I want to celebrate and experience a lot of things with them!

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you all are having a great time! <3 Until next time! じゃあね~!


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