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Flower Pictorial by @tegoshei (ULOG Day 106)


4 months ago2 min read

Heya guys! It's me, @tegoshei.
Recently, it's been super hot in my country... but unfortunately, the temperature is expected to rise more and more in the coming weeks. Yes, it's always hot in the Philippines, but it's especially hot this season. I just want to hide inside the freezer. T_T

Despite the scorching heat of the sun, I decided to take some pictures of my mama's orchids in the garden. It just so happened that two of her orchids flowered, and I couldn't really resist the urge of taking pictures of them.

I consider myself a photographer at heart. I love taking pictures even if I don't have really good camera. I take pictures of almost everything as long as they're picture worthy in my eyes. I want to share my mama's flowers' beauty to everyone here. So, I hope you enjoy the shots.






The first orchid that you see above belongs to the Cattleya orchids family. My mama and I call it "TegoMasu" orchids because of its color. Pink symbolizes Tegoshi Yuya, while yellow symbolizes Masuda Takahisa. lol We also have pink, violet and white ones, but they didn't flower yet.

The second orchid is Vanda orchids. It's one of the oldest orchids mama has. We have propagated it lots of times already and mama has given them to my aunts and some friends. The flowers above have been in bloom for almost two months now.

Mama also have some small cactus, succulents, some land orchids, rose, gumamela, and other orchids in her garden. She really loves flowers. When we finally have our own house, I'd definitely make a green house or orangery for her. It'll be the perfect place to just sit, relax and share some snacks together.

Anyway, I took the pictures above using my Nokia 6 smartphone and enhanced them using Photoscape. :) I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Smile and have a lovely one~! じゃあね~!

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