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A greener solution to Wastewater Treatment

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last month

Gaurab Chakrabarti and Sean Hunt founded a company called Solugen, a company that focuses on manufacturing industrial chemicals that are more affordable, efficient, and biodegradable.

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Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash

One of their most notable achievements from this venture is the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide from enzymes produced from gene-edited yeast. They used this product to also make a range of bio-based solutions for things like waste-water treatment, wipes, and cleaning agents for hot tubs, spas, pools, etc.

Part of their huge success is due to the popularity of PeroxyZen, a naturally processed cleaning agent for spas that also works well to clear mineral buildup/scaling in pipes because of the organic acids it comes with.

The duo has also had a share of success with the innovation of biodegradable wet wipes (which was bought out) and also have their eyes on manufacturing hand sanitizers on a large scale.


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