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Holiday art photo sale


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Let's start with a photograph.

35W Bridge Vault.jpg

It's coming on Christmas, which means it's the month I put the most effort into photo sales. I learned a few years back that the vast majority of my sales come in this month regardless of what I do, so I decided to just concentrate my effort on promotions between now and about mid-January. So you're going to be hearing more about one part of my non-Steem life that I haven't talked about too much - selling fine art photos.

I sell three types of photo prints. The cheapest type I call Gallery Prints; these are commercial photo prints that are shipped directly from the lab to you (the lab is WHCC for the photo nerds) without me ever touching them. I've set them up so I'm happy with the printing, but I don't print them, I don't limit them, and I don't sign them. This is what you get if you don't really care about artisanship and authenticity and just want something pretty to put on your wall.

Most of my photos are available as Gallery Prints and can be purchased from my online gallery. This is also one of two ways to look through my catalog; we'll talk about the other one in a minute.

You can get 30% off all Gallery Print purchases with the code HOLIDAY2018. In order to buy with cryptos, set up your order and get a total, then contact me here or at [email protected] and I'll take your cryptos and make you a gift card to spend on the site.

The middle-tier type of print are Artist Prints, so-called because I make them myself, on the 17" printer that sits next to my computer. I spent a lot of time learning how to make prints come out just as I want them, and everything in my portfolio is designed to be at its best on this printer. This is craftsmanship and artist's pure vision, while still being reasonably affordable. The editions are unlimited, but I do sign and date them, and as I only make them to order or for specific sales or gallery shows, most photos see very few copies made in any given year.

All of the photos on my website are available as Artist Prints unless otherwise noted. Buying them with any type of currency involves contacting me and having a conversation about what you want.

Artist Prints are at least 33% off during the Holiday Sale. 8x10 matted photos, typically $40, are now $25. 11x14s, typically $75, are now $50. I tend to sell larger prints unmatted; 11x15s are $65 down from $100 and 16x22.5s are $150 down from $250. Other sizes of both matted and unmatted prints are available (as long as the short dimension is 17" or less) and panoramas have their own prices based on size.

Feb Jelly 51.jpg

The third type of print, the Single Edition, is the most exclusive. Single Editions are prints made from high-end materials, and each is limited to an edition of one. The materials generally aren't signable, but along with your photograph you'll get a signed Certificate of Authenticity that verifies that yours is the only copy of that particular print that will ever be made.

The most notable Single Editions at the moment are the Jellyfish, which only exist in this form. They're printed on aluminum to maximize their luminosity, and each photo is available in a Single Edition, normally for $2500, but for the purposes of the Holiday Sale I'm making them $1500.

Photos from (Con)Text and panoramas are available in Single Editions as acrylic sandwiches, photographs encased in clear acrylic for a modern and simple display. In this case it's only in that format that they're unique. Contact for pricing and availability.


Several smaller products are available with either Artist Print or Single Edition orders, since I'm shipping something to you already. You can get a 2019 wall calendar for $9. (I don't quite know what photos are going to be in those yet, but I'll post when I do.) I sell all of the photos with appropriate aspect ratios as 5x7 blank greeting cards, and you can add as many of those as you want for $3 apiece. And you can add copies of any of my books for $20; I posted recently about the Baby Tapir Books and I'll probably make a post in the next couple of days about my first book, The Reader: War for the Oaks.

Advent Calendar Sale

All of the prices above apply to new prints; I also have typically done an Advent Calendar-style sale with deeper discounts on existing inventory. In previous years I've started that on Black Friday and done one seal per day; this year I'm going to stick to actual Advent, starting on December first, but I'm going to make that up by offering two deals per day instead. These are usually single items that are only good until they're sold.


In case it got drowned above, I'm perfectly happy to take cryptocurrencies for all transactions. I suppose this probably isn't the best time to try to get people to spend them, but maybe you're thinking about getting out of coins and into some art. You can contact me here, on Discord as tcpolymath#2171, through my website, or [email protected]

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