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2019 Twin Cities Calendar


11 months agoBusy2 min read

So I decided what the theme of my calendar this year is going to be, in conjuction with the Holiday Sale: Classic Twin Cities photos. For several years now I've been making a calendar around the holiday season; my dad started this by asking for something that he could send out to people who he keeps touch with around this time every year; he usually buys a bunch of them to give to people who want to know what I'm up to, and then I include some in packages for my Patreon patrons and sell off the rest.

The 2016 and 2017 calendars were collections of current work; for 2018 my mom asked for animal photos specifically, so that ended up being a themed calendar, and this year I decided to stick with a theme. Most of my work this year has been either non-calendar-appropriate subjects, or in vertical format. I thought about doing two vertical photos per page, or just doing one entirely in Jellyfish, but in the end I settled on going back to the archive a little bit for some of my best photos from my local region, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Stone Arch Bridge.jpg

The cover is one of the first photos that made me think I could do this seriously, and also from my first day ever shooting with an ultrawide lens, something that has become a signature in the years since. This is Mill Ruins Park in downtown Minneapolis, in 2008. You'll see the Stone Arch Bridge a couple more times in the calendar shots:

Pop Mississippi.jpg

Spring Blooms at Lock and Dam No 1.jpg

Minnehaha Bowl.jpg

Ford Dam Sunrise.jpg


St. Paul Nightscape.jpg

Ford Dam Falls.jpg

St. Anthony Main.jpg

The Reader at the Witch's Hat.jpg

Winter Sunrise (Rectangular).jpg

I managed to keep most of these photos in their respective months, especially those of Lock and Dam No. 1, which sees a lot of seasonal variation.

Calendars can be added for $9 to any Holiday Sale order I'm shipping.


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