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Happiness Exists, But With Dirty Eyes, You can't See it...


7 months agoSteemit


Happiness, Oh Happiness, Where are You ?

I cannot find You, I cannot See You,
Life Goes, Life Passes,
Things Happen, Everything Crashes.

I am Waiting,
I am Hoping,
Joy is Outhere,
Still, I cannot find It Nowhere.

I met a Wiseman & I asked Him,
Happiness is Hidden, I cannot find It ?
He said that Happiness is Around,
And Actually Can Easily be Found.


Wherever We go, it is Inside Us,
Happiness is Outstanding & Righteous,
We create it, We make It,
Fantastic is the Word that can be Pasted.

Oh, Happiness, Oh, My Luck,

My Mind Creates You & is Oftenly Stuck,
Still, We Learned You are Here,
We are Calm that that is Sincere.


Let's Go & Learn to Be Happy,
Let's Learn that Dissapointments are part of the Process,
Let Us Understand the Fact,
And With the Mode of Goodness, Make Ethernal Pact.

P.S. Happiness is that we understand that All is Inside Us!


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