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<Made in Japan> Contest Ended: Check the Results!


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Made in Japan

Are you a real fan of Japanese food and just can’t live without Sushi, Ramen and more?

Introduce us to your favorite Japanese restaurant and share your beloved Japanese dishes with us.

Show us the results of your own Japanese food test and receive Tasteem rewards.


International franchises and takeaway services will not be included in the contest, but local franchises are welcome. Please follow @tasteem on Steemit and read the contest rules.

Visit Tasteem Discord for more information about the additional Tasteem Global contest rules:

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This contest has ended with a total prize of $57.26

The Winner @travelgirl

Food Sharing #130 - Makoto Sushi Bar @ Chatswood, Sydney
Reward : $20.59 + 1.498 SBD


Runner-Up @davidke20

The very affordable empire style sushi
Reward : $4.96 + 1.124 SBD


Runner-Up @kaerpediem

Makan Time || Satisfying A Japanese Craving
Reward : $3.86 + 0.749 SBD


Congratulations to all the Contest Winners! We'd also like to thank all the curators who took part. You've all been a great help in improving Tasteem, and we'd love to have to back!

For those of you who wished to, but missed the chance of taking part in our Contest, check out our current, ongoing Contests at Tasteem!

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