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The FUD Against Cryptocurrency Is Orchestrated


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Throughout 2018, we saw attacks on cryptocurrency that is ruthless, endless, and without merit.

So why it is happening?

The answer is simple: Crypto-economics is a threat to the entire system and those who are benefiting from said system seek to keep the status quo.

If none of this was a threat, there would not be the orchestrated attacks we are seeing.

Sadly, the FUD is very effective. The masses are brain-washed into believing what the mainstream media tells them. We even see many on STEEM fall into this category. Think about the number of posts we see that calls for regulation of the cryptocurrency industry. Are these people serious? They are inviting the government in? The last thing we need is the government involved at all. Do these people realize the governments of the world are the enemy (along with the bankers)?

Reading the posts by Jared Rice really drive home what is taking place. The powers that are behind this are in full attack mode. This is a lot more than just people profiting off something the establishment disproves of. Instead, it is an all out assault of our freedom. Of course, they wrap it up like they are "protecting" us. This is how most are duped.

The media is an accomplice in all this. Here are a few tidbits that you will not see promoted by the typical FUD dealers like Bloomberg and CNBC.

These are articles off today's cointelegraph:

The last one is interesting considering the fact that we are told how Bitcoin (and hence, cryptocurrency) is a favorite of criminals and terrorists. Yet here is a hearing in front of Congress that concludes that it is a "poor form of money" for terrorists. Do you think that will appear as the lead story for any of the usual purveyors of negativity?

Everyone who is on here now is an early adopter. This carries with it a great deal of responsibility. We are part of the process that is going to change the path of humanity. It is through our efforts that blockchain and decentralization will prevail. Without this, we are going to see the establishment continue to gain more power and walk all over the humanity.

This might sound dramatic but it is really what is on the line. Watching the situation with Alex Jones really drives this point home. Twitter and Apple already have announced full bans. As I wrote in past articles, it matters none what anyone thinks about Jones' or what he says. The fact that he is enduring an orchestrated censoring shows how vulnerable we all are. Without the freedom to express ourselves, we are without recourse. The establishment knows this.

Jared Rice is enduring more prosecution from the same establishment. After being cleared of all they accused him of, now they are going after the fact that he put statements in a white paper in the present tense. Isn't it presumed that a white paper, which refers to a project that is not created yet, is referring to a future event? That is the entire point of a white paper, to explain what an entity or organization is going to do. Yet. here we see the government going after something based upon the tense of a few sentences in a white paper.

This was posted in @stan's Telegram group if anyone wants to review the comments.

Being part of the Bitshares Dynasty, we all know the power that exists. These blockchains can change how the world operates. This is a major threat. Jared was developing for this blockchain. It is one of the reasons he had to be taken out. Now we see him creating a distributed web that operates without hosting, meaning that censorship and taking down sites that speak out against what the establishment approves is impossible.

At every level, it is becoming more evident that this is coordinated effort to silence people. Cryptocurrency offers a way for the masses to exit the system that is in place. Through fiat currency, the elites control the flow of money. It is all within their domain. Anything that reaches the masses arrives in the form of debt. This is not the case with cryptocurrency. On STEEM, each new token that arrive's in someone's account is newly generated. There is no interest associated with it nor is there anything to pay back.

The idea of cryptocurrency succeeding is intolerable to those in charge. What we witnessed throughout this year is pointing to this conclusion. Personally, I feel that we all should embrace the mission ahead of us. As we start to see the power of crypto-economics, it is crucial that we keep telling others about it. Information is one of the most powerful assets we have.

Do whatever you can to keep adding to your crypto hodling. This is not financial advice but, rather, a way to protect yourself. As the present system grows in inequality and people are forced out due to automation, individuals are going to be looking for a way to survive. This means either turning to the government, which is just more enslavement, or being able to stand on their own. Cryptocurrency enables one to do this.

Cryto-economics is the path to the Age of Abundance. The establishment is well aware of this. That is why they ordered the hatchet jobs by the media. The more FUD they spread, the less likely the masses are to believe what we tell them. Demonization is one of their most powerful weapons. People are already living in a state of fear. It takes little for them to turn away from something when told.

Over the next couple years, we are going to see the economy turn south. This is part of the boom/bust cycles the banks create. I cannot tell when it will be yet it will happen. It might be 2019, or even 2020, but we know it will take place. This will give the wealthy the ability to buy things on the cheap. They are the ones with the capital to take advantage of the downturns.

The average person gets wiped out. He or she is not fortunate to have reserves. Instead, what little people have tanks often causing them to sell under duress. We see this happen with every economic collapse.

Warren Buffet is one of the most outspoken critics of Bitcoin. Many people follow the "Oracle of Omaha" and what he says. His viewpoints carry a lot of weight. Of course, he depends upon the system remaining the same since he profits handsomely from it.

Remember the economic collapse of 10 years ago and the trouble the banks got into. Buffet stepped in with $5B for Goldman Sachs. He did this in 2008. By 2013, less than 5 years later, he had a profit of $3.1B. Millions lost their homes because of the banks and Buffet played a major part in keeping this one afloat.

The point I am making is that it is not healthy to listen to any of these people. They are in full attack mode because none of what they do would be possible with cryptocurrency and blockchain. They depend upon a lack of transparency and the constant state of poverty endured by the masses. Their goal is to keep increasing the inequality, something that is guaranteed if the present system keeps moving forward.

That is why the present FUD is something to rejoice about. If all of this was not such a threat, you would see nothing done about it. These people are scared. They know their antics are about to come to an end. They are, however, going to do all they can to try and stop it. Even though I believe it is a foregone conclusion that we see the transition, we still need to be diligent in our efforts.

They will not relax nor should we.

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