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Steemmonster And Steem-Engine: Helping the Steem Ecosystem


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Being a stakeholder in the cooperative known as Steem is exciting and, down the road, most likely very profitable. The wonderful aspect about this environment is that anything that takes place on Steem which adds value benefits everyone who is a stakeholder. One does not have to be a user of a particular application or being holding that token to benefit.

A couple recent moves by both @steemmonsters and Steem-Engine are providing great benefit to all of us. Their updates are really helping the eocsystem.



Steemmonsters is one of the popular games on Steem. It is a top 5 DApp according to the State of the DApps. Over the past year, digital assets that are used in the game were developed which got a lot of people excited. The amount of people deciding to purchase the gaming packs grew along with the interest.

Yesterday, I wrote about @dlease updating their platform and the possibilities that come along with that. In the comment section, @yabapmatt posted an "announcement" regarding Steemmonsters.

We just released this morning the ability to delegate Steem Monsters cards to another account. This will allow people to lease out their unused cards to earn a passive income from them. Initially the system is very basic and simply allows delegating and undelegating (just like with SP), but we are working with peak monsters and potentially buildteam to create a leasing market for them and act as an escrow service, just like dlease currently does with SP.

Much like STEEM, people will have the ability to earn passive income off their cards. This will only make the cards more attractive along with helping those newer to the game. For the moment, cards will be delegated out similar to SP.

How does this help Steemians who are not into the game? Simply, anything that helps Steem, helps you. By making the cards more attractive (read valuable) and giving newer users a means to enhance their impact on the game, Steemmonsters made the game more valuable. This should attract different users over time, some who will be new to Steem.

At the same time, there was an announcement yesterday by @aggroed that he set up a new token to be used for renting out his Steemmonster cards. Here again, we see an attempt to increase the appeal of the game to other users by using his stake for their benefit.

It is important to remember that nothing happens in a vacuum on Steem. Everything is interconnected for token holders. We are the beneficiaries of the entire ecosystem and all that is on here. Users and developer's interests are aligned.

A few weeks ago, we saw the introduction of This is a site that is tied to smart contract technology which allows for token creation. The token Aggroed developed, I am going to presume, is being done on that site. Since Steem-Engine has a DEX, all tokens created on that platform are listed on the DEX. It also helps in the pairing with STEEM.

Another announcement was made on the Town Hall show on Sunday. In a few weeks, do not be surprised if there is Bitcoin and Ethereum pairings added to the platforms. If I am not mistaken, Steemmonster cards can already be purchased using a credit card. This allows one, if he or she chooses, to get STEEM using a credit card by going through a Steemmonster card first. Ultimately, these are digital assets so using this as a pass through is no different than Bitcoin.

Adding Bitcoin and other "mainstream" tokens only makes it easier for people to get involved in the different projects. There is a lot of effort being put into getting STEEM listed on exchanges where there is a conversion from fiat. This is important yet we must keep in mind there is already a lot of value in cryptocurrency holdings out there. The entire float of STEEM could be easily sucked up using Bitcoin or Ethereum.

I like the idea of "screw it, let's do it ourselves". While we still want to keep soliciting exchanges to list STEEM, creating the pairings ourselves on a DEX provides another option to people. It also makes it easier for people to get their hands on the newer tokens being developed. As we see more applications join online, being able to enter and exit those tokens will be crucial for those projects. This is providing a means to that end.

Steem started out as a blogging platform but, as you can see, it is moving away from that very quickly. The idea is to branch out into areas that make it a thriving ecosystem. At present, we are seeing a lot of work being done that is laying the foundation. Decentralized ecosystems lack the technology to be a major force. This is being addressed.

Moves like these help the entire ecosystem. This is why I opt to focus upon the development taking place. Each addition moves us forward another step.

It is a fun time to be a Steemian.

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