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Steemit Killers


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Since I joined Steem a little over 18 months ago, the mantra is "_________ the next Steemit killer". This comes about every couple months. The latest was Dan Larimer posting about how he was creating Steemit 2.0.

I will start by saying I really do not understand what this even means anymore. Are they saying they are going to upend, the interface to the Steem blockchain? If that is the case, I am perplexed because I feel was lapped by both Busy and @steempeak. Thus, one could make the case that is happening on Steemit's own blockchain.

Is that statement pertaining to the Steem blockchain? Do they mean they are creating a platform that is going to kill Steem? How is that possible? Are they going to create something that motivates 40,000 people who are active on Steem to pick up and leave? Will the see developers who invested a lot of time and money into their projects suddenly start from scratch elsewhere?

Perhaps the reference is to a blogging platform and that they will kill Steemit, the blogging network. If this is the case, they are overlooking a great deal. Blogging is still a large part of the Steem ecosystem yet it is becoming less everyday. This only makes sense since the idea of Steem is to "tokenize the Internet" and blogging makes up only a small portion of the web. In fact, when you look at it from a monetary perspective, blogging platforms are worth very little compared to other platforms. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the more valuable social media entities and none of them are blogging sites.

So what do they mean when it is said "such and such is the next Steemit killer"?

We must clarify that Steemit is not Steem. If they are referring to the idea of killing the Steem blockchain, that is a completely absurd idea. Steem is forging ahead making it even more potent with every new application. This is something few realize.

The idea of putting Steemit Inc under is another idea that is possible. Companies fail all the time and Steemit's track record is not without question. However, in spite of their bumps, changes were made which seems to be putting it on the right path. Also, there are a number of smart people working at that company who are up on what is taking place within this industry.

This video show how Steemit is working on managing the hard versus soft consensus layers of the blockchain and why it is important. This is worth the 15 minute listen because it gives an idea of where one developer believes the blockchain "battle" will be waged and why Steem is being set up as a winner on that front.

By no means is Steem perfect. There are a number of issues which still require addressing. That said, the fact that there are roughly 50K accounts transacting a day means we have a loyal bunch. People are active and the number of accounts holding SP is growing each week.

Steem is a blockchain that is developer friendly. This is a major "selling" point. Once again, going back to the video, one only needs to know basic website coding to be able to develop on this blockchain. This is a big deal since there are very few blockchain developers out there.

A number of well known projects are focusing a great deal of attention on scaling. This is not an issue with Steem. At the same time, I see a number of projects being "promoted" on here in an effort to lure users away. It is not going to work. Steemians are a loyal bunch who see the development that is taking place.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. A number of projects forked the Steem blockchain believing they could do it better. Thus far, the results are less than admirable. Remember the Vice project which involved a number of the larger porn companies who forked Steem? What happened to them? Where is their project now?

I would guess their technical people did not realize how difficult the world of blockchain coding really is.

One of the advantages of Bitcoin, at this point, is that it is operational for 10 years without even a firewall. That network stood up to all kinds of attacks and is still going. We could say Steem is garnering that reputation. The attacks keep coming yet we are still here. Each month, more development takes place increasing the features and uses of this blockchain.

By the way, as we close in on Easter, we are probably due for the next "Steemit Killer".

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