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Steemian Attacked By Bankers Showing The Dire Need For Cryptocurrency


2 months ago5 min read


These people are outright thieves. It is no wonder that the establishment lashes out against cryptocurrency so hard. Without it, the bankers can continue their thieving ways unimpeded.

There was a post by a Steemian who was at Steemfest. The festivities were interrupted when he was robbed. No, there was no assault in Thailand at gunpoint. This was done with a computer and is totally legal.

@oleg326756 was partaking in the events at Steemfest 4 when it was determined that he is a money-launderer. The bank that he dealt with decided to freeze his account. Of course, for almost all of us, if this happens, it puts us in quite a bind.

Here is an individual who did nothing wrong yet had his account frozen. As one can imagine, without access to one's funds, a host of other problems arise like being able to pay for one's basic needs. Of course, none of this matters to the bankers since they are accustomed to operating however they want.

The worst thing: it happened during the traditional SteemFest bowling tournament. Instead of enjoying the game, I spent over an hour on the phone with the banksters, trying to convince them I was not a money-laundering criminal. They made me contact my employer and forward them my contract in Estonia. My employer managed to comply and help me within minutes, bless their heart. Still, the banksters were not convinced. They told me to come to their office in Stockholm in person and explain why I was still using my Swedish bank account, if I lived and worked in Estonia. Then they told me plainly that I shouldn't be using Swedish banking services, if I no longer live in Sweden. Completely ruined my evening.

Luckily, it's slowly being sorted out. I'm moving my funds to Revolut and my employer transfrered the salary to my Revolut card, so I at least could pay the next month's rent. Both Revolut and my employer proved hugely helpful in this entire ordeal. I felt like they were pulling me back to the surface, while my bank was trying to drown me in their b******t, despite the previous 11 years of doing business with them.

Well isn't that just dandy. Not only are they crooks, they are bureaucratic nightmares. Evidently, the individual he was dealing with does not understand geography and working out of a country.

This is a prime example of why cryptocurrency is needed. It is becoming evident to anyone paying attention that having your money in a bank means you do not own your money. Only if the bank decides to give it to you is it truly yours. Of course, we see the assault on cash since that is a tool that keeps control from the bankers.

I regularly post about the need to keep moving towards getting the bulk of our holdings out of the present system. Some might take this for being a non-rational conspiracy nutcase who is driven by an absurd ideology. I can assure you that I am not. This is an example of what is happening everyday around the world. What evidence is there that this individual is a money-launderer? Where is the due process? To the bank, none of that matters.

Hopefully people are starting to realize how dire the situation is. Many post how the average person does not care about decentralization, a fact that is most likely true. However, the main question is do you want these people in control?

We are going to see some very powerful technologies emerge over the next decade. Our financial world is not the only thing that is open to abuse. Do you want these same people in charge of your biology and what is done to your DNA? How would you like it if they one day, arbitrarily, decided one day that you were a risk and had part of your DNA recoded? That will be possible.

This is a matter of control. The establishment is always fighting to control the message. They want to have a hold over the flow of information. Now the battle is turning into the financial arena. Soon it will over the realm of our thoughts, experience and, ultimately, biology.

So no, I do not feel I am being over the top with any of this stuff. The bankers have more than a century of revealing exactly who they are and how they behave. At the same time, their hand is in everything since it is them who owns most of what is out there.

It is up to each of us to start the process in a new direction. Each time we transact outside their system, we are putting another dagger in them. It is going to take trillions of transactions moved and hundreds of billions in wealth, but it can be done.

We know how vital it is for them to keep producing on a quarterly basis. Their behavior will not change, this much we know. Our behavior, on the other hand, can change instantly. There are tens of thousands involved in cryptocurrency who are doing it on a daily basis.

@oleg326756 shows exactly how corrupt the system is and how vulnerable we all are.

Steem and other cryptocurrencies are here to change that.

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