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Minnow Uprising To Celebrate Hard Fork 20


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Hard Fork 20 is going to take place in a little over two weeks. This is a big upgrade for the STEEM blockchain. In my view, this addresses one of the biggest drawbacks to the STEEM ecosystem at the moment: the fact that the approval process takes 1-2 weeks.


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In celebration of this, I figured it is time to stage another Minnow Uprising. While it is not the start of the month, doing this in the middle of the month can serve the same purpose. The goal is to get more people involved with posting more in an effort to help people grow their accounts. This is especially true for smaller accounts.

I figure we would start the Uprising on the 15th of the month, half way through. Of course, anyone can start beforehand.

The key is to post. Many believe that it is difficult to increase one's posting rate. This is true if one is a blogger looking to create content that is going to garner attention from readers. If this is what you goal is on the STEEM blockchain, wonderful. However, there are many on here who do not take that approach. Fortunately, in the last couple months we saw a number of applications that can assist in our quest to grow our accounts.

Before getting to them, here are a few pointers regarding the Uprising.

  • Each person needs to post 3-4 times a day. This sounds like a lot to bloggers but with some of the other applications, it really is not that difficult.

  • It is imperative that each person use the 10 100% upvotes allocated per day. The key is to upvote each other in an effort to add a few cents more to each others' account. Not using your voting power means it is wasted. Whatever SP is in your account, put it to use.

  • Do what you can to form groups and interact with others. This is a social media site. Therefore, interaction is crucial. In addition to posting, perhaps considering increasing your commenting, say adding 5 additional comments per day.

  • Use the tag minnowuprising with each post in an effort to garner some extra upvotes. If we have that as a repository for posters in this initiative, there stands a better chance of the content getting upvoted by each other.

I suggest everyone use the applications that are available to us. There are two that can add to your posting count that also get upvoted from the main app account. @dlike and @actifit are the two I suggest people use.


@dlike is an application similar to Pinterest. It is very easy to post on. The key for this site is to post stuff that you find interesting, whatever that is. You can add links to content that you like or upload pics. Either way, this is a great resource to add to your post count.

The app allows for up to 5 posts per day. There certainly are a couple things each account can find to add. @dlike does go through and give upvotes to those using the platform.


@actifit is something I wrote extensively about. This is something that pays people for moving. SP is earned by completing at least 5K moves a day. It is a level that is not very difficult. The post is verification which does receive an upvote from the app's account.

In addition, one will earn the SMT for each of these apps for utilizing them. Efforts here will earn dlike and afit tokens on top of the SP earned. When the SMT protocol is released and the DEX set up, one can exchange these tokens for SP.

The main premise of this initiative is to get more activity out of the smaller accounts. Of late, there has been an increase in the number of accounts in both the Plankton and Minnow levels. This is something we need to keep going. Since 75% of the reward pool goes to authors, posting content is imperative. That is something that I feel many miss.

So join me in this effort. To start the process, let us get a baseline for reference. Even though it is few days early, post the amount of SP in your account in the comment section. This will provide us with a reference point to monitor the growth over the month and a half we do this.

There are many more ways to earn STEEM than at any point since I joined. Let us all use these tools to try and help the smaller accounts gain some more power. The reward pool, according to @dragosoura, is throwing off more SP each week than ever before. This is an ideal time for people to start improving their standing.

With Hard Fork 20 and the ability for apps to on-board users, we could see the number of Steemians starting to grow a great deal. This will be more fish eating from the same food chain. That is why the time is now to add to your accounts.

Please send this article to all the Minnows and Planktons you know. Let's see if we can get thousands involved.

If you found this article informative, please give it an upvote and resteem.


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