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Futureshocking The World: Just One Incubator On STEEM


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Part of being a futurist is to ponder what things can be like. Many feel that it is about making predictions. Actually, a futurist looks out and considers the possibilities so as to be best prepared for what is coming. The key is to eliminate surprises.

We all know the world is moving at a rapid pace. Actually, this was predicted as far back as 1970. A very famous book called "Futureshock" was released and went on to sell millions of copies. The basic message of the book was that technology ended up moving ahead at such a rapid pace that people would not be able to adapt. Essentially, they went mad.

Obviously, we did not see this happening, at least as it pertains to the madness due to technology (other societal factors perhaps). What the book did get correct is the pace that things are changing. We are all aware that the younger generation adapts better than the Baby Boomers. In fact, anyone born before 1980 had a pretty stagnant upbringing from a technological perspective.

Today, we see a lot of things moving at rapid pace. One area that we know is exploding is blockchain. There are projects being created all over the world, even for this blockchain, as I type these words. It is hard to consider what things will be like relating to this technology in 5 years. The last 24 months witnessed so much development that the progress ahead of us will truly amaze.

One group is taking the bull by the horns and pushing things forward. They chose the name @futureshock in reference to the concept I just mentioned. They got that start in February of this year with clearly defined goals. As developers, they are creating projects that are adding value to this blockchain.

They were the ones who created the first blockchain based, crowdfunding site. is a product of @futureshock, their first one. Many have used this to raise money for projects they are working on. It is a great way for Steemians to help others who are seeking to get things off the ground.


This is simply the first of many projects this group is seeking to create. is an application they are going to bring out in the 4th quarter of this year. It is dedicated to bringing members of the STEM community together. This will allow experts and interested individuals to collaborate in an effort to pass along valuable, yet accurate, information.

steem.png is something I covered last month. This is a project that really is going to bring DApp and SMT to the masses. The goal of this initiative is to do for DApp development what Wordpress did for website creation. Teelkee wants to put the power of DApp creation in the hands of everyone through the development of templates which essentially making the development into a copy/paste situation.

It is also going to add a Content Management System on top of the STEEM blockchain.

Two other major projects they are going to be working on: is a platform to verify, debate, and deny facts. is going to combine STEEM and the gaming platform Steam.

Here is what their outlook is and what they hope to accomplish:

The Futureshock Incubator, with its talented members, brings futuristic ideas to fruition, by looking towards tomorrow and hacking the reality, grabbing ideas to work on, co-founding and growing them into projects, from concept to the first line of code, to a company and to a brand. Our heart is set on true progress, and making a great impact on your future life. This is how we will achieve our vision, of realizing a futuristic ideology that will be impactful on our future.

This is an example of what I am so excited about. Often I write about STEEM changing the path of humanity and here is a team that is dedicated to that end. Their goal is to alter the reality we experience in the future by providing life altering products that we are going to be using on a regular basis.

As exciting as this group is, it is only one team that is operating on this blockchain. There are many different initiatives coming together that are going to provide applications that really do blow our minds. This is why I am so optimistic about STEEM. Many want to focus upon some of the present challenges that, in my mind, will be resolved as the blockchain evolves.

Throughout the year, much was made about the pricing action of STEEM. For those who watch that on a daily basis, it is painful. Certainly, we all have a vested interest in having the price of STEEM higher. However, at such early stages, it isn't imperative at this point (unless you are one trying to live off it).

My confidence held strong simply because I kept watching the development. This is what told me brighter days are ahead. When will the price follow? I have no idea. What I do know is that over the next 12 months, we are going to see many projects coming online.

It is hard not to be confident when you have teams like @futureshock working hard on applications that are going to improve this blockchain.

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