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Dlike Offering Free And Instant Accounts To Help On-Boarding


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There was an exciting announcement by the @dlike team regarding their new sign up process.

This is one of the applications that I watched closely for the last year. It is one that interests me because of the ease of use it provides. One of the factors, I believe, hindering the growth of blockchain applications is the difficulty of use when factoring the cryptocurrency component of things. Look at all that one needs to learn just to use

Dlike is one of the applications that someone can start using in under a minute. It is akin to what people are already doing on traditional applications. The model was designed to be a cross between Pinterest and Reddit. Users simply post a link to their favorite content and add a 40+ word summary or comment to the post.

The team was not the fastest application in terms of updates. I guess you could say they are using the "slow and steady" wins the race. We saw a number of additions the last few months as the team go to the place where the application was meeting their standards. It was a MVP for a while which can be a detriment if there are not updates.

Fortunately, we are seeing them now.

Yesterday's news was big since many of us are aware of the problem that on-boarding provides. When people find Steem and sign up for an account through, it can be up to two weeks before they get approval. By that time, the person most likely lost interest. We live in an instantaneous world.

Dlike is going to address this by having instant sign up along with it being free. We all know that users will not likely pay to get a Steem account even though there is an expense to the network. Most are not aware there is a cost to every network. Hardware, development, and updates all require money. The difference is the "free" on with a Facebook or Google has a few strings attached that truly do not make it free.

One of the interesting aspects to this is Dlike is use a phone number verification to prevent spammers and excess account sign ups. I saw this used by a few other applications over the last couple years as a means to try and provide a unique identity. One beneficial aspect to the Dlike system is the numbers are stored in hashtag form, helping with the privacy issue.

To me, this is a fair middle of the road solution. It is a big leap away from full KYC but does do something to prevent the same individual from registered hundreds of accounts. The Dlike team is also providing RC and 20 DLIKE tokens with each account, thus showing why it is necessary to prevent large scale automated sign ups.

Here is their full write up about the sign up process.

I love seeing the applications taking the initiative to assist in the on-boarding and designing ways to get more users on their platforms. Each time I think about ways to help Steem to expand, the on-boarding issue keeps coming up. The ecosystem will continue to suffer at bringing on new people on scale if it takes weeks for them to get approved. Instant access is what is somehow needed.

It is good to see Dlike stepping up in this regard. This is not an application that gets a lot of attention yet seems to be making some remarkable progress. It will be interesting to see how this affects the usage of the platform. If they can on-board a couple thousand users and get them to post regularly, it will make it one of the more heavily used applications there is. This shows how few users it takes to jump to the top in the blockchain world.

Over time, of course, I expect this will be corrected. We will find a point when a decent number of individuals are arriving each day. The time is not here yet for all of the cryptocurrency market. Thus, we are forced to keep plugging along, developing and creating until the masses catch on.

Having another application that is signing up (and approving) people each day will help some. I have no stats on this but I would think that people signing up through an application that interests them is more likely to stay as opposed to finding a generic blog.

Either way, there is now another source getting people started with accounts on the Steem ecosystem. Over time, this can only help of the members of that community start to spread the word. After all, what better reference than when it is coming from one who uses a platform on a daily basis.

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