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Actifit Marching Forward At A Great Pace


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It is no secret that I love what @actifit is doing and the potential it brings to this blockchain.

My reason for this is twofold:

First, the development team is very consistent with their updates and following the path laid out. Secondly, I feel this is an enormous market that can be tapped into and eventually draw a ton of people to this blockchain.

In keeping with the first, the two month wait is over. @actifit for IOS is now released. The approval was granted yesterday meaning that almost all phones can now use this app to earn tokens. This is an enormous breakthrough.

For whatever reason, there are a lot of people on here, more than the usual percentage, who use Apple phones. I guess Steemians are a bit different than the norm. Either way, there is the app for all to use.

As @mcfarhat stated in the announcement post, the fact that they have 200 posts daily puts them as one of the more active application in the world of blockchain. Ethereum, which is known for having dapp development, has very few apps with over 300 users.

The introduction of the IOS application should help to push @actifit closer to 300 daily users. To me, for such a young application, it talks of the potential. For @actifit to be pushing into the territory of many of the Ethereum dapps is very exciting.

The post also laid out a great deal for the immediate future. There were two things that caught my attention.

  • They are in discussion with some world class athletes about joining the team. This would really help to provide visibility and push more users to STEEM.
  • One of the top priorities is integrating with other fitness applications. Fitbit and Samsung were the ones mentioned in the past. Fitbit really excites me because there are 25M users of them out there. This is another instance where the numbers could get absolutely ridiculous in a quick period of time.

One of the biggest statements from the blockchain/cryptocurrency naysayers is that this industry does not solve problems nor have mass appeal.

@actifit answers both of these. Basically this application pays people to move. This is something people do on a daily basis yet without reward. Talk about entering the Age of Abundance. Who ever thought of getting paid just to move around? @actifit did.

The other is that this does help solve part of the inequality problem, both outside and within the crypto world. Each person earns the same for levels achieved. The max right now is 100 tokens for 10K moves. This is the same regardless of where on the social scale one is, what age you are, or how much cypto you own.

I would expect this application, if they get a few things lined up in terms of timing, could really take off once HF20 takes place and the app, itself, can sign up users. This will make the marketing outside STEEM all that more effective.

It is crucial that we keep our focus upon the applications. It is my view that this is what will carry this blockchain higher. We are rapidly moving away from talk of the blockchain. Most of the newer users going forward are not going to care about the STEEM blockchain any more than they care about TCP/IP or SMTP.

It is all about the applications.

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