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What Does Hive Mean To Me? Opportunity


12 days ago6 min read

Yes, it is an easy answer - OPPORTUNITY

I have written a hundred posts about the values I see in this community and how much of an opportunity it is to be a part of the formation of not only a new industry, but one that is going to fundamentally change the world, because it strikes at the core of it all - the economics. Being part of the birth of a new industry is valuable, but very few new industries reshape the actual processes of traditional economics, instead they just use it as the infrastructure to move their value. Blockchain and crypto are the new infrastructure.

This community is less than a week old, yet it carries a massive amount of experience with it - a massive amount. The collected knowledge and knowhow held in the community is enormously valuable and it isn't just from the crypto scene, but is a vast network of real-life skills that can be leveraged in many ways. Hive has one of the largest crypto communities on line, but more than that, the community is actually tied together through real relationships, real friends, real business partners. This is rare in the crypto industry because for the most part, there is anonymity and the focus is on the individual trader.

As I said, Hive to me is about opportunity, and while I had the opportunity to join on Steem and work my way into the investment area, I come into Hive already invested and therefore, I am at incentivized to push for real value to be created here. If you know me, I am a hodler and have been for all the time I have been around crypto, I look long and Hive is no different - the slow burner.

I like the long cook as it allows flavors to develop and on Hive, we the community are who has the opportunity to drive the development through our ideas, interaction and support. If you want to hold value in this world, you best be ready to generate it. And that is what we can do here, literally create value out of thin through our activities, with no authority to restrain us.

Some people need guidance, they need to be told they are doing right or wrong, they need pats on the head - they are needy. I like that I am free to do as I please and I am willing to wear the consequences of my action - and I think this is a value stream of Hive too few will tap into. An investor that can only handle the upside is no investor at all. Our actions here carry value and for those who are willing and able to work themselves toward real ownership of experience, they will find that it isn't all smooth sailing - freedom comes with pushback - and it comes with decisions to be made.


Whenever there are decisions to be made it is an opportunity and there are always decisions to be made.

How do I want Hive to evolve?

Organically. Many people working at many things who sometimes collaborate and sometimes compete to create a dynamic and complex supply and demand model that pushes the economic model to expand, to break, to rebuild, to become robust and then, antifragile. I want it to get to the point that no matter what happens on or off chain, it will increase in strength by finding new and innovative ways to include and empower the user base. The community itself is the value proposition of Hive, because it is the community that drives all aspects of it, with the blockchain just a silent witness, watching and recording emotionless.

We are the passion, we are the creators, we are the frontline and the reserves.

We have the opportunity to take all of the vast pool of experience and use it to build something that brings value to the masses that have previously been left out of the economic model, other than as consumers to be milked. We are all consumers, but we have to start understanding that our attention and imagination has value and that value should be available to us, spread amongst us, awarded by us.

And then the Hive DAO

I will be honest, I thought that the mine from the past would be burned at the stake, as it is a poisoned apple, but there it sits in the DAO, earmarked for development. I am not a developer, but I have a hope for those that are and will take funding from the DAO and for those who will vote them in to get that funding.

You have an opportunity - Don't fuck it up.

I am tired of is promiseware, I am tired of sub-par development, I am tired of technical creativity without the ease of use that the end user requires. Aim higher and actually work to deliver something that is valuable to the wider community, not just a narrow selection of it.

Create simple, create beautiful, create useful - and you will create valuable.

There has been for too much pocket lining without delivery and we as a community are getting pretty tired of it. Deliver what is valuable to the community, even though that community doesn't have enough stake to vote you into getting funded. Those that are voting, think about what actually adds value and at least attempts to do what we need it to do for the long-term position of Hive - onboard and support.

Hive to me?

The opportunity to have a space to create, to interact, to play, learn, express myself, help others, build a future, support my family and invest into a startup culture using nothing more than my mind and sweat. I have said before that while the Proof-of-brain model as designed was flawed, it doesn't mean there is no PoB at work.

There are those who have the brains to see opportunity and take. And others who never will, no matter how many opportunities arise.

So many people are so incredibly smart, that they have chosen to do nothing with their life at all and I believe, that is about the dumbest thing one can do. But of course, they will justify their why in order to avoid the work. Opportunity after opportunity to invest, and people will spend their time complaining about those who did.

Hive means for me - The opportunity to own.

Take part now, take part tomorrow.

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