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SteemFest 4 - Free tickets + accommodation inside


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Around this time last year I was in SteemFest3 mode and gearing up for the week in Poland, a little nervous about what I was going to run into. Firstly, it was the cost of the trip and being away from my daughter. But then there was the FUD running through my head on what I was going to learn there, as for someone so optimistic and personally invested on Steem's future, would my views hold after spending time meeting those who will play roles in shaping the future?

For me, character is important and meeting people face to face is the best way to evaluate their trustworthiness and whether I am going to support them in their quest, whatever that may be. Obviously on the internet, it isn't always possible to meet people, but SteemFest gave me the opportunity so I took it and I am very glad I did.

Meeting people, spending time getting to know them, sharing meals and drinks and experiencing Krakow and laughing much to much together made a difference to my thinking, as it is these people who are the many faces of Steem itself. Developers, investors, contributors, travelers, artists, marketers, thinkers, coders and all kinds of different people all coming together to talk Steem, and it taught me a lot.

For those of you who think it might not make a difference for you, in the last year since SteemFest I have over doubled my stake on Steem and I know at least two others that I got to know there who have gone from barely Dolphins to Orcas in the same time. Meeting the people of Steem gives a perspective that can be missed in the posts and the take away is overwhelmingly positive because when one actually builds human connections to the projects and directions - the FUD drops away and regardless of the current conditions, working toward a better future takes focus.

Let's see who we can help get there this year

This year SteemFest is in Thailand in November and unfortunately for me, I am unable to go - but that doesn't mean I can't support those who are or may still want to go.

@blocktrades and @anomadsoul are teaming up with three projects to give opportunities for Steemians and potential Steemians to get Free tickets + accommodation and perhaps some support to make it to SteemFest4. The is a fantastic opportunity to reduce the cost of attendance, especially for those close by around the Asia/ Pacific/ Australia regions.

Free ticket + accommodation possibilities

Read the main posts linked for full details

1. @Actifit - You know how many actifit posts there are? Do what you do and get the chance for a free ticket

Track more than 15,000 steps on any day of your weekend, post about it using the tag #sfwithactifit and #blocktradescontest and get a ticket for the final SteemFest ticket + accomodation raffle. If you want to earn another raffle ticket, share your post on any mainstream social media and include the promotion on your post. Get moving!

2. @Steemhunt - Invite new hunters/makers to Reviewhunt and win a SteemFest Ticket + Accommodation | Two winners

By becoming a Steemhunt ambassador you can then invite new users and companies to start using Steem Hunt and Review Hunt with every referral made earning raffle tickets into the lottery. The more people you have invited who have articles reviewed on @reviewhunt, the more chances you will get to win one of the TWO Steem Fest tickets + Accommodation.

3. @Travelfeed Travel blog and win a free ticket + accommodation and then, you can travel blog from Thailand too!

Love to travel and blog about your experiences? Do it from Thailand for SteemFest 4 for free including accomodation by doing what you already love doing. Download the new Travelfeed App and register with your Steem Account, then blog or vlog about travel and every week great posts will get raffle tickets for a chance to win Ticket + Accommodation in Thailand. Easy as!

What are you waiting for?

These are all brilliant opportunities to not only have a great time in Thailand with some of the best of the best Steemians, it is also a great chance to see Bangkok for free. It is because I had such a great time and learned so much that I don't mind shilling for SteemFest4, even though I can't go.

November and SteemFest 4 is coming up fast so get on it and even if you can't go yourself, put the word out there, share, promote and support if you can to give as many as possible the opportunity to take part.

For those who do get there - you are going to have a ball!!
I am jealous

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