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Steem? Tron? Ston? Treem?- confusions and questions


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Question, what is TRON actually buying? The Steemit Inc Stake? The Steemit Inc developers? Do they think they bought the blockchain?

Why have a token swap to a new token? Why would they need that at all as they do not need Steem to make a new token and it would be ridiculous for them to buy Steem tokens and then turn them into TRC or whatever they will call it? If they want Steem dApps on their network, they do not need Steemit Inc for that at all.

Interesting times for sure!


I am also guessing there isn't much need for Steem Witnesses over at TRON, which is interesting in itself. About a year ago there was talk of forking Steemit Inc out of the chain, well, it looks like @ned may have forked them. Maybe bent us over and forked all of us. There doesn't seem to be much open discussion from the witnesses at the moment and I am guessing they are as confused about what it all means as everyone else.

Communities / SMTs?

Well, since Steemit Inc are/were the main developers for both of these, it obviously brings their realization into question. What is a strange one is, TRON could run an SMT on the Steem blockchain if they wanted a new token, as that is what they were designed for, right? It will scale at least.


As said, TRON doesn't need Steemit stake to attract Steem dApps, as they are independent, centralized and owned interfaces and experiences. All they really need to do is make some space and offer them an incentive to move on over. However, they don't even really need to do that either if they can develop interoperability between the blockchains so that they can service both/ many communities.


Generally, companies can buy other companies to get access to a user base, which is why Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars, but the Steemit community isn't very large in comparison to the purported 20 million in the TRON ecosystem, so it seems like a little bit of a waste of money.

However, I have always said that the community on Steem is the most valuable thing about the blockchain as, it is we who are the users that give it use case. Without users, not much of value happens here. But, buying stake (however large) doesn't mean the community come part and parcel with it - this isn't the Steem company, it is the Steem blockchain. The thing is, Steem doesn't need to fork to keep going at all, it just has to keep going as it is and as long as witnesses keep the chain running, it runs.


Yeah, me too. But, as I have said often enough, dealing with uncertainty is part of the investment game and in uncertainty there is a lot of potential. I have no idea yet about token swaps and migrations and the like but, one thing is for certain, no one can buy the blockchain itself as, it isn't owned. I think that all in all, while it is going to create a lot of speculation, it seems that what TRON want is to build a partnership of sorts with their ecosystem and the Steem community and blockchain.

Perhaps we have something they need, perhaps they have something we need.

Opinions welcome.

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