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Which kind of content do you engage with the most, is there a genre or topic that tends to not only grab more of your attention but also attracts more of your effort?

While in the past comments (even with all the farming abuse) only took about 1.5% of the rewards pool and after the latest Hardfork, most don't vote on comments at all. Some people are disappointed by this of course, but if it was never a big earner anyway, why are the comment votes so necessary?

I wonder this because while it is gemreat to get paid to comment, if the content is enjoyable, engaging and useful to you, wouldn't commenting be part of the experience? This is even more true when there is a chance to interact with the creator directly and discuss the topic further.

by the way in my opinion, if your favourite authors don't answer at least some of their comments often enough, don't feel obliged to vote after reading. But also, don't feel they should answer all either.

I have answered nearly all of the real comments I have received because I think that if my audience cares enough to take the time on my content, I should care enough to answer them. I reserve the right not to answer though.

So, has your commenting behavior changed after the fork, are there still people commenting chasing votes, do you think the comment quality has improved or degraded?

For me, I think I receive less comments on average but they are higher quality on average. I have been going out of my way a little further to leave comments on the authors I enjoy and those I think add value when I can and, I have spent more time in areas I hadn't before and engaged with people I didn't even know existed.

For me at least, post-fork Steem comments have improved on average and there is more quality over qualtity. I think that my feed has also slowed a little and similarly, those that come through are of higher quality than they were. It is hard to know if this is Steemiversal though, as I do not see every post.

What are your thoughts on comments and quality and do you think the change has improved or degraded the conditions?

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