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Blood, sweat and tears to be the best


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Today, I was talking with a client about the upcoming Olympics and how much I love watching whatever sport that I happen to catch, even if not interested in the discipline normally. The reason is that I love to see the best in the world at whatever they do try to be the best in the world at whatever they do. Seeing someone strive to be the best they can be at something they love has got to be one of the most beautiful sights in the world - despite the blood, sweat and tears.

I just watched the latest @theycallmedan cast on @threespeak. I listen to them at 1.75x because I find it makes the information feel much more urgent and the energy level infectious - it is an easy motivation hack. Having said that, the information is interesting and motivating and the insight welcome. Right or wrong, I much prefer to err on the side of positive generative growth, rather than buying into the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).

Note: You might have noticed that I have been expanding some of the acronyms out (like, All Time High (ATH)), because as this may be obvious to you, it is jargon to others who are new or not yet in. I have been sharing my content on Twitter and I am under the impression that not everyone reading the posts are crypto enthusiasts and, I am hoping to attract them to becoming one like I have myself.

So yeah, I don't have a great deal of time on those who are just spreading FUD and are negative in the same way that I wouldn't be confident in a sporting team that didn't have the belief that it could win. Why do the training if you don't think you have a chance? Steem and crypto is all training experience on many levels, and where most people fail is in their emotionally-charged reactions to not getting the outcomes they want.

On Steem, I want to see and support the best, and from my perspective, the most valuable on the platform right now are the builders, the supporters the creators who are pushing to get positive attention for their work. It is easy to do a lot of work - the challenge is doing a lot of meaningful work that succeeds at adding value to the network. And just like when I watch the Olympics, I want to see people try to be their best.

Too much to ask?

I am not asking - I am a consumer in this regard - I am demanding.

"How can you demand that I deliver what you want before you will pay me?!?"

You see the issue? Steem is a shop filled with all kinds of products on the content shelves and, no one is forced to buy. Inversely, no one is forced to sell.

Make of that what you will.

Dan mentioned one of the things I can do to help Steem is to share outside of Steem and this has been going well, something I started for @ocd's #PoSh initiative last November. While not an active commenter on Twitter, my impressions and engagement rates are getting better and at only half way through January, I have alread doubled the impressions of December:

The 28 day chart looks like this and I am averaging 2K a day over that period, but 25% more than that for January so far.

Remember that pretty much all of these 32 posts are Steem link posts and I am averaging 7 link clicks a day. Sure, that is not a huge number by any stretch of the imagination, but a few of those might be people who have never been on Steem before.

Poor them.

But, this leads into the other part of the discussion that Dan was talking about in his post about liquidity of Steem and how difficult it is for anyone to buy. This is of course a pro and con because what it means is, it takes very little volume to pump Steem to the moon, where it will near immediately crash back to earth as people dump. But, this isn't really what I was interested in, it was the mention of the real game-changer, Smart Media Tokens (SMTs).

While we focus on one pool mostly here (Steem inflation) SMTs bring with them unlimited lakes and potential seas of tokenization with them. This allows for any application or website to integrate a token by leveraging the Steem infrastructure. And, they don't necessarily need Steem accounts with wallets to do so - but it would be in the best interest of a user to have one to really take advantage of the potential.

Steem price can move incredibly fast upward and relatively fast downward, but once SMTs enter into the scene and start being the onboarding funnels that deal in free transactions, Steem can have a massive amount of real volume with users who post, interact, play games, gamble, sell goods, buy cards, review restaurants and products, get a like on a forum or whatever else tickles the fancy. This means that regardless of the price of Steem or even the markets in general, transactional mass can continue on unabated.

While there are some blockchains out there with a lot more daily transactions, how many of them are actually made by real people? Enter into the world of SMTs that span the internet and support real-world commuities, and millions of people can be on Steem without ever knowing about Steem in any capacity.

You want to know what that might be like?

Have a read of this and then get back to me on how much the average person from the 4 billion people who use the internet daily know. You do not need to know much to be a user, but to really take advantage as a builder, it helps to know something - but this is a post for another day.

But, there is an in between user and developer position, and that is as the investor. An investor doesn't need to understand all of the technology to invest, they just have to have the belief that the idea has enough merit for them to support the development, which is what an investor is really doing when they buy in - especially in the startup phases.

Dan repeated that it is time to build and for me, that translates as it is time to invest. Money, time, effort and whatever else is available to support the development which means, working toward and trying for Steem to be the best it can be. By design, that means some percentage of participants on Steem are going to have to dig deep and work to be their own personal best too.

Blood, sweat and tears - beautiful to watch

Even better to be part of the game.

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