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While @smallsteps hasn't watched anything on screens at home other than a couple small clips of animals we have talked about like, pandas and kangaroos, we have decided to start introducing something. Today we took her to the cinema, her first movie experience to watch Bamse ja jymykello, a story about a bear that eats honey made from magic flowers to make him really strong. Yep, her first movie experience was a stoner movie - next it is going to be a Cheech and Chong flick.

Now, this film is made for her age group and the theater was filled with young children, however the trailers were for kids in a completely different age demographic. While no one else seemed to mind the scary Frozen 2 clip, @smallsteps buried her head into her mother's armpit and looked away. Seems she needs a bit more desensitization before I take her to what I had suggested - the new Tarantino piece.

Well, having survived a few near tear episodes as she really doesn't like mean characters in any context, we moved on to a park to kill some time and energy before going to grab some food. She is becoming much more confident on the play equipment, but still tends to be pretty conservative in comparison to other children. However, she has always been very precise in her actions and tends to focus on other things around her.

At dinner tonight she said to us while eating, "I have one eye on us, and the other eye on the other people". She means it.She spends a lot of her time observing the people she comes into contact with and tends to eavesdrop on their conversations and laugh along with their laughs. It is quite funny when having coffee with her as if we are sitting next to a group of young girls laughing, she fake laughs along with them in an incredibly overemphasized, loud and mocking tone.

It was a nice day out and while we are all still in various stages of poor health recovery, we managed to spend a few hours together. The warm days are fast coming to an end and the last few days before this have been quite rainy so, we are trying to take advantage of being outside while we can.

And then while we were driving home @smallsteps suggested that she and Daddy do a spot of coloring in, which we did before her bath. For a three year old, she does a pretty damn good job of staying within the lines and being patient with the images so that they are mostly colored before she wants to move onto the next. While she enjoys coloring, we also have stacks of blank paper around as she also likes to draw and create herself.

We generally don't do a lot of planned activities but perhaps a trip to the movies occasionally and a meal out could be added as something special from time to time. I was talking with a friend last night about all the activities parents plan and rush around too, as if they are afraid to actually spend time with their kids.

Children are often reflections of ourselves so, if you don't want to be with your kids, what does that say?


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