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My best photograph photo challenge #32 and life short story I went into exile

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By holding a cigarette I stood in the window open. Water came out in the eye. The sick feeling on the body is a little shaky. Sleeping eyes are there, yet do not sleep a little nowadays. If I did not close the factory, I would be working with the road ahead of this winter. What is beautiful around the dawn around this morning. It does not mean exactly how beautiful it is. It is only on this dawn, Kolkata seems to be nigh. In the dark the birds do not leave the house. On the street, I think we are on the streets of the village. The air is very clean, bacterial. There is a little fog and a little fog is surrounded by mysterious pictures fluttering around, there is a stranger in the familiar places. The houses in the four sides look like twists and thickets. They become one with nature. There is a book in Dadar's house, the news of the time in the newspaper. I saw two four pictures of old Kolkata. Kutch, pond and tree plantations filled with calamity, the fox roams around. In front of the old dome of the dome and the front of the house, Brahman cars are standing in front of the horse, in the back of the Bengali babu. Top hat, legs nagra, and wearing kabakurta The old Kolkata, Kolkata is the old Kolkata. Rural towns of ponds and trees I walk through the old city from Kasba to the tram depot of the Baliganj station. Put the first tram in the morning.
Biliti city in the factory. Row lounges of Zhao and Euclipitas, which are carved in the flower-gourmet glass house. Auto lounger turns around botbot all day long. In the face of a beautiful smile like a kind-hearted cleric, Mr. Dylan travels around us all day. Thinking now starts to chew in the chest. I turned around and searched the wall of the house. There is no calendar in Dada's house. Do not stay Yesterday was sixteen, today the strike was seventeen. It seems we're going to fight a losing battle. Vishwanath was pruned in the passing period. That's the company's will. There is no guarantee of job place for beginner. Biswanath's hand job would have been scrap repeatedly. The company was not guilty. Nevertheless the Union Stand up After three days of strikes, a wise man came and said this - it is illegal - it is illegal. Strike does not last. You rather give a charter of demand. Overnight, the charter of demand was created. Fourteenth claim. But it was understood that the defeat was going on. The tribunal went to the ballot papers. I am in exile from the city, where there is a beautiful manabholaan bhilivatha, which is an inexplicable craftsman. For example, the name-not-unknown stranger for a big house girl, my grandfather became forever forever crazy people. What a strange contact! It sounds unbelievable. But it is true that if the grandfather was not mad for that unknown girl, I would not go to the union. She was the daughter of a big house, my old grandfather could not go near her. You could not say, 'you want.' Only the streets are in the street-the streets. Then one day, a brave boy, clever with his eyes, took the girl behind the scooter. Why would this happen? Why will it be a rare one, to my grandfather? Why will there be such high heels around their expensive gardens, in which we can not go any day? Anybody will have a scooter to get the girl to forget, which is why we do not? How can I change the disadvantage of society with the responsibility of the mad brother and widow mother, keeping her own housekeeping? I did not have any way of hand to myself. At the team unity of the team was running. I'm only twenty-one or twenty-two years old. I grew up in anger in anger and I broke into the union. If I did not read it, then today I had the road to follow me. I am a union worker, rioter, aggressive man; Chargeset is behind me. Three police cases. Thinking to my grandfather, this is my tiredness of the night, the cigarette of nonviolence and fear of the night. Vacuum from the beautiful salary of high school operators. Or that girl is responsible for all this, whom I do not know, whom I did not know, even my grandfather was born. Whether it is Yet it is good to change the system of society. Today, I am not fighting a losing battle - I went to hell. Thank you to the girl.


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