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The Mistrust that the us gov created by being taken over by israelis using first fed money, then legal take over and finally child rape


24 days ago

is very dangerous to the world.

it destroys any kind of trust.

we fear you.

not in the sense of respect.

but in the sense of how weak you are.

the wicked corned beasts.

the untrustebale.

the unreliable.

the problem.

sorry, but that's it.

and the answer is simple : RAZE ISRAEL.

and because of your failing and treason americans, china is forced to arm.

anyone saying that we shouldn't is, in this current environnement, simply a traitor or an idiot.

both his opinion is marginalized.

trustless world, claws and fog of war only, btw all war rings started with little dot of fires...

and rest assured we love china more than you do your own nation or people...


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