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A restaurant with “Shit” running off the roof - 【出差旅途中】- 印尼篇- 酒店餐厅(2)


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We were invited to a local Japanese restaurant by factory for lunch on the 2nd day after I got to Indonesia. According to the factory friend, this is a very popular local restaurant that most Japanese people will go. I thought it must be nice.
> 到印尼的第二天,得到工厂业务的邀请,我们到了当地一家日本料理店去吃午餐。该业务告诉我们,这是一家本地非常受欢迎,特别是日本人最喜欢去的料理店。心想一定是很不错。

The restaurant is not too far away from the hotel. It’s in a very narrow street. I don’t think tourist would have had found it without guidance by local people. It’s a very small restaurant with very simple decoration. There were not many guests there. Only a couple when we arrived. I guess maybe it was because it was lunch time at working day. Business must be much better during dinner or weekend.
> 该餐厅离工厂并不远。它在一条非常狭小的街道里。如果不是当地人指点,我猜想游客是很难可以找到这家店的。这家店很小,装修也很简单。并没有很多客人,我们到的时候只有另外两位客人在。我猜也许是因为当时是工作日而且又是午餐时间的原因。也许生意在晚上或者周末会很好。

We ordered some basic Japanese food like sashimi, squid, sushi and mackerel. The food was served very quickly. It didn’t take them too long to put all the food on the table. On our half way through, suddenly, some water fell off from the roof right next to me. I looked up and saw a long seam on the roof with water leaking, around the seam, the color has turned to yellow and black. You can tell the seam has been there for a very long time.
> 我们点了一些日本料理里比较常见和欢迎的菜如生鱼片,寿司,和烤鱼等。上菜的速度非常快,不一会儿,所有的菜就全上了。当我们吃到一半的时候,突然间在我坐的不远边上从屋顶上掉下来很多水。抬头一看,屋顶上有道非常长的裂缝,而且估计时间有些久了,旁边已经变色,都是黄色和黑色。你就知道这条裂缝一定很长时间没有被修补了。

I said to the factory friend- “hopefully it’s not from the toilet!”. We asked the restaurant waitress for what’s going on. They simply looked at us and did nothing. I requested that we moved our table to another side and they agreed. While we were settled with the other table, I saw the waitress cleaned up the table. Shortly after, there came few more guests, they sat right on the table that we just moved!
> 我对工厂的业务说“希望这些水不是从厕所马桶漏下来的!”。我们马上请餐厅的服务员看看是怎么回事。结果人家就看了看然后就没了下文。我们要求转到另外一桌,他们也同意。当我们在另外一桌坐下来,餐厅的服务员利索地收拾好我们刚才坐的桌子。这时候又进来几位客人,并在我们刚才坐的那桌坐下!

Obviously, the seam has been there for a very long time, the restaurant waitresses have gotten used to it, that explains why they didn’t do anything but simply took a glance at the roof when we told them. I couldn’t resume eating after that. I couldn’t imagine how fresh the food will be esp with raw fish if the restaurant doesn’t even care about the roof? I hope the water didn’t come from the toilet, but when I told my husband about it, he was joking that how could you guys eating raw fish when the shit was running down? Both my colleague and I had to sit on the pot for few times in the afternoon. We didn’t have iron stomach as the locals. But I had to tell the factory friend that we will never ever go back to that restaurant no matter what. After all, sickness is the last thing you want when you travel!
> 很显然,这条裂缝已经有一段时间。该餐厅的服务员已经习以为常,也难怪当我们反应的时候他们只是看了看并不为所动。但是,在那以后,我就再也不敢动筷。无法想法这样的餐厅他们提供的食物特别是生鱼片会有多新鲜。当我把境遇告诉老公的时候,他开玩笑地说“你们居然敢在屋顶流屎的餐厅吃生鱼片!?”。我和同事当天下午来回上了几趟厕所。看来我们没有当地人的铁胃。但是,我还是告诉工厂朋友,以后无论如何都不会再去这家餐厅了。出门在外,可不希望生病呀!

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