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A Coverage Of The Last Two SteemGigs Discord Talk Shows And The Format For Today's, Which Hold "10:30 PM to 12 am Manila time". (GMT+8)


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Please digest this post. Then join in and become a Ulogger today.

SteemGigs Discord Will Have A Talk-Show Later Today

So the previous 2 talks on the SteemGigs discord server have been awesome but "i talked too much". Well, not that "i am anything" in these speeches but steemians give me this privilege. 

I am grateful!

Hahaha, i don't even have the baritone they expect but they afford even "disappointments" for my sake. "I am grateful"

I was telling @el-dee-are-es  of how my baritone is reserved for fiery moments e.g when i really need to tell you to "go hard" or during sports, "when i am on fire".
Overall, I love to "beautifully disappoint", for just when you think i will slap back, i will re-give you the same cheek.

I won't lie, in the first discord talk, "tears" dropped. Steemians can afford that too on my behalf. 

i am so so so grateful.

Well, the truth is, there is "special air" in those SteemGigs-discord talks because what we dispense on there has an undertone that is fresh, unique and even rare and especially, filled with intense love.. So, i can't tell you not to join in! 

Note: The SteemGigs community isn't only about It is a dream-building center so to speak and even all my dreams cook up, on there i.e if you love anything about steem, steemit, teardrops, ULOGs, un(dis)talented, steemsecrets etc you are very welcome to join in:

Hear the undertone of our talk-shows just below: (Note: the entire SteemGigs discord server carries the same underlying design)

  • Nations are locations
  • We will sift sense from nonsense. We will sift even the not-so-good, to find good in it. (Dirt is good, ask the Soap Master)
  • Relegate "reservations" in my space.
  • Flaws allowed.
  • I will forgive you a hundred times
  • If you remove bum, average, smart; "we are genius".
  • If you remove developing or developed nations; "we are celebrities".
  • We will reward every teardrop
  • Shine, for the world needs your shine.
  • There is light in the tunnel.
  • If going to the moon happened, every noble dream is attainable.
  • Attempt out-of-the-boxness
  • We want to build every noble dream
  • The sound we produce should be different; should be fresh (rare). 
  • We aren't too "about rules". We love "principles" better. We love those "exceptions to rules" better. 
  • We aren't after "the blockchain" as the solution; we are after "the humans on the blockchain" as part of the solution. 
  • "We take steem to the moon"; we don't "follow steem to the moon"
  • We aren't out to decipher your motives, to seek out the morality of the intentions in it, for how can "mere dust" do this?
  • We know of respect and apply it even virtually.
  • Humanity is the "brother" next to you.
  • We leaving outer-space and returning back down-to-earth, trying out the simplest obvious solutions first.
  • We are "true fans" and you are "true celebrity".
  • etc

These above, are still rare paradigms in the world as whole. So try rarity and join in on the discord. 

Basically, what we do on the SteemGigs discord is; 

Surpassing Google with steemit.

"Everyone can join in:". 

Today's talk.

This one will happen 10:30 PM to 12 am Manila time. (GMT+8)  

I failed again but not entirely. I was able to establish a slight format for the SteemGigs talk show for today but not the entire format. 

We will establish a complete format for the shows over time, together!

Well, first there is need for me to conceptualize how the underlying structure of the format (for the SteemGigs talk show) should be, taking full cognizance of all the paradigms mentioned in the listing above, before i consult with everyone and with certain steemians who are helping me with organizing these shows. 

This week however, flew too-too fast (once again). There is too much to do and too little time and too little body.

My mind pushes; my being pushes.

I have many who want to help me and i agree that i need loads of assistance but, what i truly represent and my role on steemit has "world adjustment" and certain other paradigms that need to be explained, using an entire curriculum first 


i tell you; "it is not easy to re-give the cheek when you are slapped". 
Too, "beautiful disappoint" is a feat
Even patience, self control etc needs "an exercise" etc
It is easy to bear your consequence but can you keep bearing other people's consequences? 

So to get help especially with regards to grand matters, i exercise patience and seek out help after certain things like "history" etc

No doubt i get a lot of help each day, just by "you" exercising "your own awesomeness". I get loads of prayers too and that alone is "heights of help". So, i put "my amen" on default.

Just now and part of last night, did i start conceptualizing the structure for our weekly talks. In truth, "SteemGigs" means "everyone has something to offer", with the keyword being "everyone"

Thus, our weekly talks are for "everyone".

Note: This forms a core part of my thinking process, as i try to setup a style-guide for these talks, to enlighten those who will be assisting me with organizing the shows.

What exactly happens in these talks is: 

"Surpassing Google with steemit".

So, don't be deterred from joining the discord talk show weekly and the SteemGigs discord community, even if you are not a freelancer or SteemGigger. 

In truth, all my projects, movements etc have a waiting ground and community on this same SteemGigs discord server, so please feel free to join in:

Back On The Matter

Today, we will start the talk earlier and finish the main talk on time. We will have a schedule now every week, so much so that the talk will go on, even on days when i am not available or on days, when internet fail etc

I am already establishing great MCs for the talks. Based off of the last two talks, i have been able to pay attention to several steemians during the talks.


We have had a very audible MC emanate from the last two talks. He has displayed consistency and people like his voice too. He removes it (his voice) before the talk, keeps it a freezer to cool, then he gulps it back, just for the talk. 

Thank you @maverickinctus

I have also noticed @sunnylife. She has a vibe that her voice quite easily tells and it is a great vibe. Hahaha, or maybe a "grateful vibe"; like @paradise-found likes to put it.

There is also @mermaidvampire behind-the-scenes. "Thank you!"

I noticed @mike4christ as well in the first talk. He took charge and helped matters! "Thank you".

@Wakkylyon has dem traits but her odds are large; "an entire bank and the telecommunication companies beef her a bit". 

"The bank" as an odd is understandable; "she wants to own "the bank" in which is works and they wont let her. As was for "data", i wonder why the telecommunication companies hoard it from her.

Well, there will be odds, even with our SteemGigs discord talks. Thus, "everyone" can proactively help". 

Yes, instead of quitting when odds arise, let's help matters!

Dream-building is not easy and that's the general theme of the SteemGigs discord server and "going to the moon can be difficult but we will go still". 

Odds grow us, especially when we decide to tame them. 
There aren't always odds but there can be! Bottomline is, "be too lazy to quit", whenever odds decide to arise.

The next discord just has to be organized. We are growing and attendees have to know that the show must go on. 

We have established that now to be; "10:30 pm to 12 am", every Saturday.

We will try to keep the talks a maximum of 1 hr 30 mins long. Any time spent after that, will be considered "after-party"

I end up talking a lot during these talks, so if that is to happen, i will use the after-party time, to play those long-talk-moments out. 
Everyone can hang on to party too!

Segments That Will Guide Today's Show And Form Part Of Subsequent Shows

Curation segment: Each talk will have a curation segment but the exact format for this, is yet to be set. 

Today though, we will like to surprise you. So join in for a chance to have your work visited. Based on the flow of the talk, we will determine how this "curation" would be handled and it can be carried out "live", over the course of the talk. 

Basically, we want to have "suspense" with every of these weekly talks, to keep things mysterious and to incite you to action.

According to me, even "curation" carries more "weight", when there is a "suspense factor" to it. When curation is expected, authors have not much need for fire

Well, you can ask me questions related to this in the.........;

Question Segment: This segment doesn't have a set format for today. Questions can be asked today, throughout the show but over time, we will have a format e.g for how many questions we can handle per show etc

Updates Segment: In this portion of the talks, i will dispense any updates, regarding all projects or movements that i carry out or support.

Promotion Segment: We will have segment related to promoting you. I am not very sure about how the format of that will be yet but we will figure it out. 

Within this segment, we will look to happily and heartily promote several steemians within the talk. Whether verbally or by resteems, upvotes etc 

There may also be a portion of this segment, that features authors or steemians that we have spotted doing amazing things throughout the week prior to the show; whether behind-the-scenes, on-the-scenes or in "real life" e.g by means of a steemit post, by means of steemit engagement in the comments, by carrying out noble acts, by attempts at out-of-the-boxness etc

Giveaway Segment: We will have "giveaways" each show but will always keep prizes a "suspense". We will attempt out-of-the-boxness even with prizes, to instill things like:

  • receiving is an art
  • you are bigger things than money
  • there was life before steemit
  • learning is the ultimate earning
  • there are opportunities, connections etc that can create earning down the road
  • etc

Today though, i will be giving out 15 SP to 3 people but i don't know who these 3 are yet and it will happen over the course of the discourse. So, to find out who or to have a chance to be among these 3, you will need to be present all-talk-long.

Steemit Growth Segment: This will include steemit account opening e.g for friends etc among other things. For steemit account opening, i do it with a delegation from @steemgigs.

Over time, the talks shows will begin to be about everyone.. It is likely that we will have a format, where people can discuss themselves, projects etc We will establish the format for this too as time goes on. We may either pick people randomly over the course of the week before each talk or we may have them pitch to have their minutes on the talk show.

The Discourse Today.

The discourse today will not be too organized once again but it will follow the style-guide above. The discord talk show will cover everything related to life and steem etc

So for today, we will talk a bit more about #ulog and near-term plans for it. I will answer questions on-the-go.

We will also talk about and its use as i have noticed steemians having difficulty using it. 

We will also cover the use of; the "knowledge-bank" of SteemGigs. 

We will discuss on how we can use all these aspects of steem to grow steem and to improve in ourselves and attain overall success. 

When it comes to Intel (related to steemit success), we will touch on the very tiny un-obvious details. Basically, each talk show will involve activities designed to help us evolve into the awesomest version of human as i truly feel that this is where true success lies. 

Here are some of the pinpoint highlights of the last two talk shows:

  • Become a Diggist i.e even with things as simple as creating or reading a steemit post; "dig, dig, dig".
  • Create valid illusions and use this to stir you into "pushing things yourself" e.g you say, "i don't have SP", so i can't jump but what if "we were all minnows".
  • Be solid. Don't be too reactive. 
  • Be defined. Use steemit to define/redefine yourself. Use steemit to find yourself
  • Pace things. Let them play themselves out. Forget FOMO. 
  • Climb the ladder first. 
  • On steemit and life, there is opportunity, the tip of the opportunity and lost opportunity. You can either of these within the space of one conversation but if you lost the opportunity within the conversation, you may never really ever find out.
  • Stay present in people's minds, through engagement and the "you" in your steemit posts.
  • Be your first audience. Impress yourself.
  • Use each steemit post to its utmost full. Impact generations yet unborn with it. Plus, your jackpot can be in the search engines and your steemit post can bring it to you
  • When it comes to promoting steem, no one does more than the other.
  • Afford apprenticeship. You don't always have to get paid. What you always have to do is "truly grow".
  • Don't jump queues. You aren't the first on steemit. Plus, you met people here. 
  • There was life before steemit. Don't lose yourself!
  • Your steemit post is still your most powerful tool on steemit. Use it to shine.
  • Push things by yourself first. Create a movement and this will draw support in. However, if you eventually seek support, there is an indispensable movement in existence
  • Much of the secrets to steemit success lies in its history. 
  • I am ever-incessantly "your boy Terry" and while the going appears tough now, there is already light in the tunnel because on your behalf, i won't sleep.
  • etc

Kindly join us on the discord later today and every Saturday henceforth:

10:30 PM to 12 am Manila time. (GMT+8)  

Your boy Terry


Note: The next edition of "5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice" will resume again really soon. If you missed the first one, this is it:   

We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means of or direct contributions. I would like to invite all coders/developers, to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today

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