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My name is Julie and while I may be brand new to Steemit, but the research series I’m going to be unloading here is hardly brand-new. I’ve been at this since summer of 2016.

Even before President Trump won the 2016 election, and the entire Russian collusion narrative was unfolding, I was busy deep digging.  Doing what I do. I knew some things weren’t right, and frankly not understanding what was going on just plain irked me. 

I can say with conviction now three years later, I may have a clearer idea of what’s going on, but the more facts unearthed, the more murky this story becomes, and organized crime + intel agencies + sexual blackmail are but just a drop in the bucket of this cluster f*ck of reality we all have found ourselves immersed in, ready or not. 

Would you like to take the red pill? Or the blue pill?

What do Felix Sater, Leon Black, Jeffrey Epstein, President Donald Trump, and many others including of course, The Clintons, all have in common? 

I hope many of you will tune in to my upcoming deep-dive series to find out. I wasn’t sure how or where to begin disseminating this information to the masses, so my first Felix Sater research thread is found here in a forum called Above Top Secret. 

The compiled information seemed to be a large conspiracy, so a forum of conspiracy theorists seemed like an appropriate spot. The problem is, there aren’t enough eyes on that platform. 

I‘m very much looking forward to transitioning my research thread from over there to here on Steemit. I’ll be starting from the beginning to avoid confusion. 

On a personal note, I’m a professional, award-winning photographer, self-employed, and a mother to a sweet boy who keeps me on my toes! In my “previous life,” as I like to refer to it, I worked as a project manager for a major retail grocery chain. I believe my strong attention-to-detail skills and connecting dots to foresee patterns along with juggling various tasks at once gave me the confidence, skills, and experience to be a pretty decent researcher.

Come back to find out! 



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