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[Documentation] Explanation on Add to Homescreen on FreeCodeCamp Repository


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This pull request was made 7 months ago, and it got merged into the main code today! Check the live version.

On FreeCodeCamp guide, there is a lack of documentation on progressive web app, so I decided to write a documentation based on my previous blog post on steemit. I initially made an article on steemit, regarding on how progressive web app looks like in a high-level view, and then I decided to rewrite it and send in a Pull Request to FreeCodeCamp, so that more people can read about how to make use of progressive web app and the feature of add to homescreen.


In my contributions, I had done 2 parts of contribution.

The first part, I added a video that I made on Youtube showing demos of the power of progressive web apps. Links on freecodecamp

The second part, I have written about how to use "add to homescreen" features onto existing website by adding manifest.json files. Links on freecodecamp


File changes on github:

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