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8 months ago2 min read

When I say "stacking silver" I am talking about buying silver bullion as an investment. There are many ways to do this and today I will talk mainly about ordering from reputable online dealers. But before we get into that let's define a couple of terms so we all understand what I'm talking about.

Spot Price

The Spot price is the current market price of a certain precious metal, silver in this case. All precious metals are commodities that are traded on the open market and, as such, their price fluctuates. It is rare to find bullion for sale at spot price as the retailers have to tack a little on so they can turn a profit. The current silver spot is $17.04/ounce as we can see on this chart from JM Bullion.


The Premium is the amount a retailer or mint charges above the spot price, so if you buy an ounce of silver today for $20.04 the premium is $3. This term is key because lots of retailers will say things like, "only a three dollar premium". Or someone might ask you, "what was the premium on that piece?" This just means, "how much over spot did you pay?"

The Deal

Click here to go to for this smokin' deal!!

That's right! JM Bullion is one of the bigger online precious metals retailers and they have a "one per household" deal of 10 ounces of silver at spot price! This is a great way to kick-start your silver stack!

As you can see in the above screen-shot they do charge you a fee to use a credit card but, look at that, you can pay with bitcoin!! This is one of the reasons I love JM Bullion, not only can you pay with crypto but they don't really charge that much more to do so. For me, that's a win!



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