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Introducing Sugarbun!


9 months agoBusy3 min read

Hi, I'm Sugarbun, the alter-ego of my master. Let's set things clear at once... I'm not an artist, I totally suck at drawing and don't even make me start with how awful I do the coloring! In short, I'm a disastrous alter-ego that likes to draw to kick the stress away. Sometimes my "super awesome" creations looks decent.... sometimes they look like they are possessed by the devil! But I can guarantee one thing, you will probably gonna say "WTF is this sugarbun thinking?!" at least 99% of the times when you see my "art".

sugarbun.png So far my best drawing ever. I almost cry and all that shit!

I won't post everyday, it will be more like a weekly post with all my drawing "achievements" of the week. I'm trying to make a "masterpiece" a day to practice my shitty skills and maybe, maaaaaaybe in 10 years or so I will be able to say Damn I don't suck that much anymore!" You will see my struggles, my weird stories of the shitty drawings I had made... drawing shitposts in all its glory! And just because this is my first post I will just show my most decent drawings... pffffrrr, I won't show Le crap of Le crap in my first post! What king of sugarbun I would be if I just start filling with crap the stream right away?!

superdude.png Symmetry, the best tool in drawing

This one is super dude.... is a dude and its super... cause it looks decent enough! See? Super! It was supposed to be an eyeglasses drawing, one thing led to another.... I screwed big time and the dude born to cover the shitty mess I did... dudes to the rescue! Or that's the official story, the real story is shady, fishy and a bit of chaotic.... you really don't wanna know... believe me!

bighead.png Stop bullying her because her watermelon head!

I know what you're thinking... "what a huge head.... and eyes"... don't look at me, it is not my fault I always draw huge eyes! Ok, it is my fault but whatever! Didn't you heard "the eyes are the doors of the soul"? Well, this kid here have huge doors!.... and eh... huge head is... hmmm.... door of.... eh... intelligence? Pffffrrrr, nailed that! Don't look the hair, I'm terrible at drawing hair... and nose... and lips... and eyes... and.... well, you got the idea! Sad? Of course she's sad! You're saying she have a huge head and eyes, what kid like to be bullied?!

balooneylove.pngPop that balloon, pop it!

Oh, love! That thing humans say is a pain in the ass a wonderful feeling! So wonderful that makes you feel like a freaking balloon floating between clouds and you don't see that the person you're in love is a total jerk that doesn't deserve a shit! Wait... this is not therapy group, right?! This one came out pretty good... I will pat my self in the back and eat a cookie as reward. I should stop now, I don't wanna make you fell for me... never said what type of falling and its clearly not love.... OUCH!

There you go, not so shitty drawings so you can know me a lil' better.... cause the other drawings are to die for.... seriously, you can die of disgust or laughing... that bad they are.... maybe you'll know my master, maybe not but if you know her shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't say who she is! This is an alter-ego account after all!

See you next week with more drawings!


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