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living a SIMPLE LIFE among MAASAI PEOPLE // vlog #02


6 months agoDTube2 min read

we love our new #home out in the middle of nowhere...

We're Lukas and Sue Strack. we sold our stuff and left Switzerland for traveling and working around the world. during our current stay in #Kenya, you will learn something about the #Maasai #culture, get an idea of what we’re doing as #volunteers and how life is going on here in the #bush. :-)

lukas is hard working on the building site for a new education center every day - while I’m busy with taking pictures, #filming, doing research, teaching and playing with school kids, #connecting with people, running an #alphalive course, organizing things or just sitting under a tree and reading a book.

we want to live our life to the fullest - being #adventurous, real and thankful. learn to live a simple life, #minimalism, inspire people, share real #stories and having fun. we would love to welcome you to our little #community and take you with us on an #adventure around the world. thanks for watching, hit the #subscribe button for more videos and please invite your #friends and #family to be part of our #journey.
thank you a lot. :-) lots of #love, Stracks.

check out Kay Rauber's channel;
thanks, Kay for your songs "Maybe in Spring" and "Patagonia"...

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