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Leverage your Big Data Career with Senior Data Science Certification

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There was a time when the role of Data Scientist was restricted to tech and finance industries. But not anymore!

Today, almost every industry from retail to manufacturing collects data on their customers. Result is the surge in demand for skilled data scientists who can make sense out of the huge deluge of data.

The survey conducted by IBM revealed that by 2020 the number of Data Science job listings in the US is projected to grow by about 364,000 listing to approximately 2,720,000.

A McKinsey report revealed that the US alone will face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills and 1.5 million Big Data Analysts and Managers in the next two years.

All this data points out that currently there is a huge demand for skilled/certified data science professionals. And as more and more organizations plan to hire qualified data scientists, the need for data science certifications is bound to increase.

In fact, it has become a mandate for professionals seeking a career in data science to be well qualified and certified in the cutting-edge technology.

The time to think is gone, it is now time for action. Download the free Informa now.

And kick start your data science career with Senior Data Scientist (SDS) certification by Data Science Council of America (DASCA).

If you are a big data technologist or a big data analytics enthusiast with some astounding achievements to display, then SDS certification will be your visa to the world’s best Data Science Jobs!

Why should you go for Senior Data Science Certifications by DASCA?

Here’s why…

• The exclusive program suite covers Official DASCA Preparation kit, extensive curricula, easy processing of registration, renewal and upgrade
• The in-depth grasp of data visualization, analytics, database architecting, and design will help you reflect what senior consultancy or product management takes
• In addition, you get to fortify knowledge capabilities of data cubes, multidimensional database, and big data framework
• If you have the position of Principal Data Scientist in your foresight, SDS™ will bolster your vision. Delegate accountability, decision-making processes, and development of solution approach to the skill sets that SDS™ adds to your persona.

Are you the ideal candidate for SDS certification?

Let’s find out…

SDS certification is an ideal program for you if you have been doing Big Data analytics for six years or more.

Trust us, SDS certification will push your career up by several orbits – a lot faster than you ever thought … more so if you have an Undergraduate Degree in Business, Management, Marketing, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, or Applied Mathematics from an accredited institution.
But before all this you need to check whether you are eligible for the SDS program or not. And you can check it here…

Pre-requisites for SDS aspirants

The Senior Data Science Program requires an applicant/individual to have

• A prior, strong formal exposure and knowledge of the basic concepts in Statistics
• Strong hands-on experience with the tools and techniques of dealing with central tendencies calculation dispersions and averages; permutations and combinations; probability; creating graphs, charts, histograms, and scatter plots
• In addition, an SDS aspirants should also be comfortable with databases and spreadsheet.

These apart, you should also have

• an advanced knowledge of Statistical Analysis techniques and tools;
• an exposure to analytics platforms like SPSS/ SAS;
• basic exposure to R; quantitative methods;
• knowledge of fundamentals of object oriented programming and RDBMS;
• good exposure to working on popular/common Big Data programming and analytics

As discussed earlier there are plethora of opportunities for a certified data science professional in the fields like –

• Cyber-security,
• healthcare,
• Defense,
• Education,

and if you are DASCA-certified then you can be a trailblazer because DASCA certifications –

• Are third party validated vendor neutral certification program
• Include the curriculum that has been designed by the industry experts and cater to the highest standards set by the industry
• Are developed around DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF) that offers profuse exposure to all crucial proprietary analytics platforms currently in vogue in the Big Data field

So if you want a career as data scientist then download our INFORMA for a new journey of higher authority now!


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