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How To Eat A Banana


10 months agoBusy2 min read

Nothing sexual about this love

No banana please, though I confess I love banana
Everyone loves banana, including the residents of zenana
Although I’m Stupid, I dream of a long yellow banana
But don’t gimme one today, may be one manana

Once upon a time, I saw it in Ghana
A fat tummy guy walking briskly in Savannah
Accidently stepping on a soft & silky peel of banana
He slipped & tumbled and hit a nearby tree called Manna

Slippery Manna kicked him back to the banana peel
And from the banana peel back to the Manna spill
That round-inflated-tummy turned into a pendulum drill
To help the pendulum, I threw in another banana peel

I thought this show will go on until his beer belly disappears
But he stopped and stood up after making a few rounds
He went bananas over me and picked up all the banana peels,
Pushing them all down my throat, he banged me to the grounds.

That very moment, I clasped some soil of Ghana
And vowed that whenever I’ll eat a banana
I’ll eat it completely without throwing any waste
But you dunno how the hell that yellow peel taste

No banana please though I confess I love banana
But don’t gimme one today, may be one manana


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