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New Robbery Team In My State


4 months ago3 min read

Robbery In Our State:

I have here with the on going problem in Pakistan make people force on robbery in in kpk with new trend!

I have seen that and hear new thing today that people are doing robbery on bike and they are robing people who are recovering there daily money from the recovering money on daily bases from the distributing on the supply to the markets.

People are distributor of different companies and they are distributing goods to the shopkeepers and store on daily bases and they recover the money from them daily at the night time and when they go back to the home at the place where there is no one around there and the people who are interested in the robbery are chasing them and they robbed him in the suitable place where no one is able to see them and chase them back.


I am sadly saying that you should be very careful these days with the wrong condition of the state so far with the high costly days of my country where people are force to be robbed badly as they have no other way to rob other people where i am no saying that this is the good way to do this but people have no other way to think positive in this condition !

People are force to think in wrong way by the current condition of the country, But i believe that this time will pass soon as The Pm Imran Khan is is doing well to make the country condition more better and the time will passed quick and we will see the bright morning soon as the time will passed away.

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  • But i have been worry that these team will not give any serious problem to the people or they can kill people. As the goodness of the people is died they do not look to the people life as they do not think of people.they only thinking that they will make some food for them self by killing other people and they will feed there kids with this way which is not good at all i am not believing what kind of thoughts they have in such way !

When you want to make your own home by breaking others home it not a good way to thinking of i am not in favor off this thinking but people have to think how they want to think of i am not liking this way what they want to know is how to deal with the problem!

People should know how to work hard to make life easy to not kill and play with life of other innocent people if they are working hard to make some penny for them self and there family they should work hard too for there self also !


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