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Why the Supreme Court's idiot gun decision doesn't matter


8 months agoSteemit2 min read

Image Source - Supreme Court Denial in Remington Case Could Open Door for Additional Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers

  1. puts the gun industry to a different standard than any other industry in the country
  2. allows suit, which still must be argued...all the way possibly, to the SC
  3. most importantly, fuck liberals for A-F below ;>

A. There's already millions of guns in this country. LE isn't going to take them by any means other than one at a time, and they increasingly will be on pins and needles with each additional time they pull that trick
B. Most of that same LE aint touching gun confiscation by any means. Those that will are already in liberal shitholes with uncontrollable gun violence, so getting guns will be as easy as ambushing drugged up gang members (you know, the folks actually driving the murder rate in this country, and the people that those same antigun democrats spend so much time protecting)
C. A significant potion of LE will side with Americans over liberals anyhow.
D. 3D printing, bitches. you liberal subhumans cant put that genie back in the bottle
E. Oh wait...3D printing is still less than the massive amount of garage shops that can crank out guns from custom racejobs to stamped out stens
F. suppose that magically all those evil assault weapons just got taken away, it still leaves bolt action rifles that can punish traitors from over half a mile away with no chance of getting caught


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