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My Entry for Week 42 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest


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Hello to all my friends that keep track of the Pay It Forward Contest. I am glad to be a sponsor of this contest and will continue to do that. This week I have upped my sponsorship to 2 SBI and hope I can grow it again in the future. This week are at normal prize of 14 SBI. We did lose one sponsor so if you are interested in becoming one let us know. Please Check out the Post to see how to enter the contest It can take some time to find a post worth sharing but it is a fun way to spend some time digging around on the steem blockchain. Also, make sure you follow @pifc to stay up with other contest and the winners. If you want to support minnows another way check out the @minnowbuilder accounts. They pay you back for helping others. Join the discord for more info on both and a fun way to get more support for your post. I am glad to say I bought 20 more shares in minnow builder this week.

Thank you to all the sponsors of this contest,@bengy, @andrewharland, @el-nailul, @stever82, and @thedarkhorse. Each week they are giving away SBI shares to help support this contest. So if you can please follow them and check out the other great things they do on steem. Now on to my featured posts for this week. This week I went back to travel. I want to take some trips so been there more often. I found two well done travel post for you to check out. One is by a new user another is by someone that has been doing this a bit longer. Both look like a good follow to me.

@marcelgoo Rep(53) Share with a post about a trip to a local Island for him. He shows some of the great sites to see and talks a bit about the area. I would say that this post could tell us a bit more about the history but it showed me a good amount of what can be done. Also goes over the low prices and good times to visit.


Thailand: One day on Koh Lan

@otek REP (35) seems to be a new user that went and bought some steem. I love to see that. I can see a good theme to the blog about travel. This post is a good take on a nice place to eat in Lviv in Ukraine. I like that the post is really focused on a great place to visit. Yet it also breaks down a bit of history of the area.


Budget Travels - Trout, Bread and Wine in Lviv

Thank you very much if you have taken the time to read this post. If you go show support to both my authors. Please leave a comment letting me know. I have put a 1 @steem-bounty on this post and will upvote each person that does that the same for a share of that reward. I lowered a bit this week but might go back up later.


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