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Win Splinterland Cards, SBI, or Palnet Tokens, Just tell me what you want


5 months ago2 min read


I am going to offer SM cards or PAL Tokens or SBI and give away 2 of the prizes. This is my new format. If you don't know about check out this post it will give you the basics.

Let's go over this giveaway and see who wins.

First Winner
20190920 18_29_42Steem Random Winner Picker.png

Second Winner
20190920 18_30_21Steem Random Winner Picker.png

@vaitelavicius you won first and wanted the PAL tokens so you got them
@lordwinty you won second and wanted the cards so congrats they are yours now

20190920 18_36_14.png

20190920 18_36_43PeakMonsters.png

New Cards to Win
20190920 18_32_12Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

20190920 18_32_33Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

20190920 18_32_47Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Imp Bowman, Exploding Dwarf, and Fire Beetle or 1 SBI, or 2 Pal Tokens

This is a Contest Kings Post. I will follow the normal rules of No Upvote, No Follow, and No Resteem needed to join the giveaway. I will be using the comment picker to pick the winners. Please, only one comment or you can't win. Prizes will go out after the post-payout.

To enter tell me if you want cards, sbi, or pal tokens, please give me 2 options in the order you want them.

I will take Cards or Pal Token

I have a standing offer for new players sign up with my link to sign up for steemmonsters, buy your starter pack and let me know on a post or discord once I confirm I will send you bonus cards from a team of your choice.

I am also going to share a link to learn about the CCC group @freedomshift is an active guy that will help you grow your small account if you follow him.

This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside) AND the latest update <<< please click to read.


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